Synthetic bone substitute / rigid PerOssal® Aap Implantate

Synthetic bone substitute / rigid PerOssal® Aap Implantate

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PerOssal® is a comprehensive system with synthetic bone substitute filling and restructuring primary contaminated bone defects. The exclusive micro porous construction of PerOssal® permits a steady assimilation of liquids (inter alia antibiotics) in addition to their controlled extended release. Following surgical cleaning of the injury, PerOssal® can be placed into bone imperfection. The exceptional micro porous configuration of PerOssal® permits a steady incorporation of liquids (inter alia antibiotics) on top of their controlled prolonged release during 7 - 10 days. The surgeon is accountable for the choice and quantity of antibiotics applied. Moreover, PerOssal® is quickly and totally absorbable. Therefore the imperfection can be filled rapidly with new; autogenously bone and the patient can be spared an additional process to remove the implant.
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