Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp SOLARI™ Lutronic

Aesthetic medicine phototherapy lamp SOLARI™ Lutronic

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Delivering the Precision You Need SOLARITM is a new IPL system which assures precise treatment and no side-effects guarantee with its cutting-edge technology. Unlike conventional IPLs on the market, SOLARI’s Square Pulse produces only effective energy that there is no sudden energy emission which may cause side effects. Reliable Treatment You may expect the reliable treatment with SOLARI’s Sharp cut-off filtering technology, which is designed to more efficaciously and selectively targeting tissue compared to other IPLs, and has no changes in the spectral distribution as time passes. The SOLARI’s Shartp cut-off filtering technology will greatly enhance reliable clinical outcome. Ensuring Comfortable and Painless Procedure Rapid Repetition Rate to ensure the most comfortable and painless procedure possible.