ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory BTL-08 ABPM II BTL International

ABPM patient monitor / ambulatory BTL-08 ABPM II BTL International

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BTL is a device which has been particularly structured for the Blood pressure monitoring for an emergency use in ambulance. It helps to monitor blood pressure continuously for 1 or 2 days. The device recordings are as per the BHS and AAMI standards and it is capable of recording blood pressure till 51 hours. This lightweight and silent recorder encompasses with the long run period of recording. This decreases the effect of white coat syndrome, diagnosing possible nocturnal hypertension, hypotension or other health issues associated with changes or abnormal values in blood pressure. With analytical software for measuring BP it also provides Stepwise deflation for reliable measurement results, Graphical and tabular results interpretation and customizable final report. All the calculated data are routed in the BTL Cardio Point software.
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