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Health Management

Strengthening Cardiovascular Care Resilience for Healthier Hearts: The RESIL-Card Project

2024 24 May

  Prompted by concerns over the substantial disruptions in cardiovascular care during the COVID-19 pandemic, a team of interventional cardiologists has joined forces with public health and healthcare delivery experts to launch the EU-co-funded RESIL-Card project, which aims to develop a toolkit for resilience assessment to improve preparedness... Read more

IMAGING Management

2024 23 May

  The first few waves of COVID-19 slowed life across the United States, affecting everything from attending school to eating out for dinner and going on vacation. Segments of health care were also affected: Services that were not considered immediately crucial to fighting the virus were slowed or stopped during the pandemic’s first wave.    ... Read more

Executive Health Management

Moderna Wins COVID Shot Patent Case Against Pfizer-BioNTech in Europe

2024 17 May

  Moderna said on Friday the European Patent Office had upheld the validity of one of the company's key patents, a win in an ongoing COVID-19 vaccine dispute with Pfizer and BioNTech    The company has been locked in a legal battle with Pfizer-BioNTech over their COVID shot Comirnaty after  suing  them in 2022 for allegedly copying its mRNA technology.... Read more

IT Management

Implementation of Remote Monitoring Solutions: Barriers & Facilitators

2024 16 May

  The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote healthcare pathways worldwide, moving away from traditional face-to-face models. This shift includes integrating telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions, which offer advantages such as reducing viral exposure risk and providing quality care remotely. The concept of "virtual wards"... Read more

Cardiology Management

COVID-19 Vaccine Helps Heart Failure Patients Live Longer

2024 14 May

  According to research presented at Heart Failure 2024, a scientific congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), heart failure patients vaccinated against COVID-19 are 82% more likely to survive than their unvaccinated counterparts.    While previous research has confirmed the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in patients with cardiovascular... Read more

Executive Health Management

Novavax & Sanofi to Co-commercialize COVID-19 Vaccine & Develop Combo Vaccines

2024 10 May

  Agreement provides individuals with broader access to a protein-based non-mRNA adjuvanted COVID-19 vaccine through combined commercial strength, from 2025 onwards Provides Novavax with cash and an equity investment totalling approximately $1.2 billion (upfront payment of $500 million and up to $700 million in additional development, regulatory... Read more

Executive Health Management

AstraZeneca Says it Will Withdraw COVID-19 Vaccine Globally as Demand Dips

2024 08 May

  AstraZeneca said on Tuesday it had initiated the worldwide withdrawal of its COVID-19 vaccine due to a "surplus of available updated vaccines" since the pandemic.   The company also said it would proceed to withdraw the vaccine Vaxzevria's marketing authorizations within Europe.   "As multiple, variant COVID-19 vaccines have since... Read more

Executive Health Management

Long-term Impact of Telemedicine Adoption on Outcomes, Spending and ER Visits

2024 30 Apr

  During the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine saw a significant surge in usage, which has persisted even after the initial spike. This was facilitated by temporary regulatory changes and reimbursement expansions by various payers. Congress extended Medicare's coverage of telemedicine until December 2024, but without further action, this coverage... Read more

ICU Management

The Least Bad Decision: Crisis Standards of Care After the Pandemic

2024 19 Apr

COVID-19 was an emergency that lasted for years and left few regions of the world untouched. The pandemic shone a spotlight on both the strengths and weaknesses of our disaster planning. What worked, what did not, and how can we better plan for future emergencies?   The COVID-19 pandemic forced hospitals and health systems around the world... Read more

ICU Management

Patient and Family Partnerships in the ICU: History, Benefits, and Strategies for the Future

2024 19 Apr

  The seamless integration of patient- and family-centred care in the critical care setting remains elusive. This review discusses the history and benefits of patient- and family-centred care, plus strategies for partnering with patients and families in the critical care setting.   Introduction Patient and family partnerships in the... Read more

IT Management

Google's HeAR: New AI Tool for Health Monitoring Through Sound Analysis

2024 05 Apr

  A team of Google scientists has unveiled a groundbreaking machine-learning tool named Health Acoustic Representations (HeAR) designed to detect and monitor various health conditions by analysing sounds like coughing and breathing. This innovative artificial intelligence (AI) system, trained on an extensive dataset comprising millions of human audio... Read more

Executive Health Management

Long COVID Symptoms: Researchers Highlight Role of Enzyme-Like Antibodies

2024 04 Apr

  Researchers at UVA Health, led by Dr. Steven L. Zeichner, have discovered a potential explanation for some of the mysteries surrounding COVID-19 and long COVID. They found that COVID-19 can induce the production of antibodies, termed "abzymes," that mimic enzymes regulating essential body functions like blood pressure, blood clotting, and inflammation.... Read more

ICU Management

Just Published: The HOT-COVID Clinical Trial - ISICEM 2024

2024 19 Mar

Findings from the HOT-COVID Randomised Clinical Trial, just published in JAMA, were presented at #ISICEM24.    COVID-19 pneumonia often leads to hypoxaemic respiratory failure, necessitating high levels of supplemental oxygen and intensive care. Previous recommendations suggested maintaining peripheral oxygen saturation (Spo2) between 90% and... Read more

IMAGING Management

Revised EUSOBI Guidelines on Axillary Lymphadenopathy After COVID-19 Vaccination

2024 06 Mar

  Axillary lymphadenopathy is a common side effect of the COVID-19 vaccination, leading to increased imaging-detected asymptomatic and symptomatic unilateral axillary lymphadenopathy. This has threatened to negatively impact the workflow of breast imaging services, leading to the release of ten recommendations by the European Society of Breast Imaging... Read more

Executive Health Management

Lockdowns Linked to Skin Cancer Delays Costing €7bn in Europe

2024 17 Feb

  Delays in the diagnosis of skin cancer, attributed to the COVID-19 lockdowns, have resulted in an estimated 100,000 years of life being lost and a financial impact of €7.1 billion across Europe, a recent study suggests.   This research, disclosed last Friday in the Jama Network Open journal, underscores the severe outcomes of the 2020 and... Read more

ICU Management

Cell-Based Therapies for ARDS 

2024 13 Feb

  Cell-based therapies, particularly mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs), hold significant promise for treating acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). MSCs exhibit therapeutic effects such as reducing inflammation, improving lung function, and promoting tissue repair. These cells can be sourced from different tissues, affecting their ease of harvest... Read more

IMAGING Management

Women's Health Remains in Crisis Worldwide Even as COVID-19 Pandemic Wanes

2024 16 Jan

  Third annual Hologic Global Women’s Health Index shows billions of women untested for life-threatening conditions, emotional health worsening and nearly 1 billion women living with physical pain.   The world faces an emergency in women’s health even as the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, according to one of the largest annual updates on women’s... Read more

IT Management

Survey Reveals Organisations Embrace Emerging Technologies for Competitive Advantage

2023 29 Nov

Based on the data presented in the ‘Digital Transformation and Emerging Technologies in the Healthcare Industry’ report, nearly 71% of healthcare professionals confirmed that the COVID-19 pandemic had the greatest impact on accelerating digital transformation in the healthcare sector. To stay competitive, numerous organisations are actively embracing... Read more

IMAGING Management

Groundbreaking MRI Unveils Brain Changes in Individuals with Long-COVID

2023 24 Nov

New research to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), reveals distinctive brain changes in individuals with long COVID, different to those who have fully recovered from COVID-19.   Long COVID sufferers experience a wide variety of different symptoms which may persist for long time after... Read more


Knowledge and Awareness of Sepsis Among Risk Populations

2023 22 Nov

Sepsis can have potentially life-threatening consequences. Early recognition is crucial for effective intervention. The role of patients in preventing and identifying sepsis early is vital. However, there is an incomplete understanding of sepsis knowledge among at-risk groups and their ability to recognise sepsis as a medical emergency. COVID-19... Read more