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Groundbreaking MRI Unveils Brain Changes in Individuals with Long-COVID

2023 24 Nov

New research to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), reveals distinctive brain changes in individuals with long COVID, different to those who have fully recovered from COVID-19.   Long COVID sufferers experience a wide variety of different symptoms which may persist for long time after... Read more

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The Need to Address Missed and Delayed Cancer Screenings During the Pandemic

2023 28 Sep

In a recent report, published in the journal Cancer, researchers have documented a significant decline in cancer screenings and subsequent diagnoses in the United States during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. There were notable decreases in the number of newly diagnosed cases across six types of cancer including colorectal, female breast,... Read more

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Association of COVID-19 Pandemic Measures and Cancer Screening

2022 19 Jul

According to GLOBOCAN estimates, 19.3 million new cancer cases and 10 million cancer deaths occurred in 2020 due to breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer, the first, third, and seventh-most prevalent cancers worldwide.  Cancer screening programmes help detect cancer at early stages and can lead to decreased mortality. In the past few years, cancer... Read more

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#ECR2022: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Radiology

2022 14 Jul

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) in January 2020. Radiologists have played a critical role in patient management and COVID-19 diagnosis since the beginning of this pandemic. Real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) remains the standard of reference for COVID-19 detection.... Read more

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Contrast Agent Shortage Sends Ripples through Radiology

2022 23 May

Radiology departments react to a shortage of iodinated contrast media from GE Healthcare, caused by an unexpected COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai, China. GE Healthcare’s manufacturing plant in Shanghai produces the iodinated contrast media, Omnipaque (iohexol) and Visipaque (iodixanol), which are used to enhance computed tomography and other imaging... Read more

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How Europeans Use PPE in Ultrasound Varies Widely

2022 15 Feb

According to a recent study published in Insights into Imaging , European radiologists providing face-to-face ultrasound services widely vary in their use of personal protective equipment (PPE). The current risks of COVID-19 exposure without PPE make this a concern for radiologists. According to a report by the Radiology Section of the European Union... Read more

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Xenon MRI Reveals Lung Damage in Long COVID Patients

2022 01 Feb

Many patients experience ongoing symptoms following a COVID-19 infection. These are characterised under the umbrella term 'long-COVID', of which one of the most common is breathlessness. It is unclear whether the breathlessness is linked to changes in breathing patterns, tiredness, or lung damage.  The EXPLAIN project, involving teams at Sheffield,... Read more

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COVID-19 Pandemic Alters Paediatric Radiology

2021 29 Dec

According to a report published in Academic Radiology , the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the demographics and clinical composition of exams in paediatric radiology practice.   Massachusetts General Hospital researchers quantified changes between pre-pandemic (15 September 2019 to 15 March 2020) and pandemic (15 March 2020 to 1 May 2020) periods... Read more

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ESR Postpones Onsite 2022 Meeting to July

2021 11 Dec

Given the ongoing challenges brought about by the global pandemic, the European Society of Radiology (ESR) President Prof Dr Regina Beets-Tan announced on Friday that ESR will postpone the annual ESR 2022 meeting in Vienna to 13-17 July.   She explains: ‘we are currently confronted with significant legal uncertainty regarding the organisation of... Read more

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RSNA President Urges Radiology to Refine Itself

2021 30 Nov

RSNA President, Dr Mary Mahoney, at RSNA 2021’s opening session Sunday afternoon, urged radiology to use lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to refine itself as a ‘value-based, service-oriented specialty’.   Dr Mahoney’s lecture focused on using the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 crisis to move forward. The pandemic uncovered weaknesses in... Read more

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#RSNA21: Spectrum of COVID-19 Brain Complications

2021 30 Nov

Findings from a large international study on brain complications of COVID-19 were presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.   Study findings show that approximately one in 100 patients hospitalised with COVID-19 will develop complications of the central nervous system. These complications can include... Read more

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Use of Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19: ESR Issues Report

2021 27 Jul

The European Society of Radiology (ESR) has released a new report about the role of lung ultrasound in COVID-19 patients which includes seven clinical images and advice on infection control. This report summarises basic settings in lung ultrasonography and best practice recommendations for lung ultrasonography in COVID-19, representing the... Read more

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Lessons Learned: COVID-19 Radiology Response in a Major NYC Hot Zone

2021 06 Jul

The COVID-19 pandemic had significant impact on radiology departments across the US. An article published July 4 in Current Problems in Diagnostic Radiology discusses the changes made by a Radiology department located in the Bronx, New York City, one of the major hot spots of the COVID-19 pandemic. During NYC's first wave in March and April... Read more

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More Per Patient Imaging During COVID-19?

2021 21 Jun

While COVID-19 has resulted in decreases in absolute imaging volumes, imaging utilisation on a per-patient basis has not been reported. A surprising new study published in Clinical Imaging shows that clinicians are more likely to request imaging for non-respiratory patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Researchers compared per-patient imaging... Read more

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2021 07 Jun

The Lockdown May End, But Nursing Will Continue My dear readers it is time again for my monthly update: It has been two weeks now since we have some semblance of our lives back in the United Kingdom. Well, almost. All shops, cinemas, theatres, and concert halls are open. Also the UK has reopened for tourism, meaning people are allowed to enter... Read more

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Easy-to-Use AI System for Radiologists for COVID-19 Assessment from CT-Scans

2021 25 May

Researchers have revealed a novel AI-based system for automated lung-lobe segmentation, that can achieve both COVID-19 identification and lesion categorisation from CT scans, which is key to evaluating damage to the lungs and making a prognosis.   This first-of-its-kind AI-powered pipeline, based on the deep-learning paradigm, uses a new segmentation... Read more

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One Year Later: Imaging Findings during Covid-19

2021 09 May

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, medical imaging methods are playing a more prominent role, especially in relation to the primary manifestation of pulmonary disease and the tissue distribution of the angiotensin-converting-enzyme 2 (ACE 2) receptor. Currently, there is no consensus view to guide clinical decisions regarding imaging procedures... Read more

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Seconds save Lives – Clean your Hands!

2021 04 May

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the importance of washing your hands has become extremely important in everyday life. It can save your life and those of others. World Hand Hygiene Day 2021, on 5 May, celebrates the global campaign, SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, by promoting the importance and improvement of hand hygiene across the world.   The World... Read more

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2021 22 Apr

The COVID-19 pandemic has some potential positive outcomes, including opportunities to increase resilience in children. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in death and serious illness for millions of people. Frustratingly, many of these individuals suffered and died because mitigation efforts, which should have been sensible scientific discussions,... Read more

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Yes, We Will Use J&J Vaccine!

2021 14 Apr

The Polish government has announced that 120 000 units of Johnson&Johnson vaccine arrived in Poland on Wednesday. Despite reports of rare blood clotting in some recipients, the vaccine will be used. The European Medicines Agency approved the vaccine for use in the European Union last month. However, the Health Minister Adam Niedzielski confirmed... Read more