Early Identification of Sepsis - Infection Week/Microbiological Spring Meeting

The 6th infection Week & Microbiological Spring Meeting, co-organized by the Swedish Association of Infectious Diseases, the Swedish Association... Read more

Early Identification of Sepsis - Dr François Ventura, CEEM 2023

The 8th Central European Emergency Medicine Congress (CEEM 2023) organized by the Polish Society for Emergency Medicine was held in Bydgoszcz,... Read more

Diagnostic Accuracy of Monocyte Distribution Width, Procalcitonin and C‐Reactive Protein

Sepsis is characterised by a dysregulated host response to infection resulting in organ dysfunction. It poses a significant global health problem,... Read more

Automated Antibiotic Dosing

Sepsis is a major challenge in intensive care medicine with high morbidity and mortality. Early and proper use of antibiotics is crucial for... Read more

Advancements in Sepsis Diagnosis: The Role of Biomarkers and Early Detection

Dr François Ventura, anaesthesiologist and intensive care physician, gave a lecture on the " C urrent research on sepsis biomarkers and early... Read more

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Pancreatic Stone Protein (PSP) Sepsis Test on the Abioscope® Point-Of-Care Platform

2022 06 Jun

1. Sepsis: the Need for Speed Sepsis is a life-threatening form of organ dysfunction caused by a dysregulated host response to infection 1 . This extremely heterogeneous and dynamic syndrome is the result of complex interactions between invading microorganisms and the host’s immune system. Disruption of the host’s ability to maintain immune homeostasis... Read more

Abionic's Unique Sepsis Detection Solution

2022 21 Apr

Based in Switzerland, Abionic is an in vitro diagnostic company, uniquely positioned at the intersection of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The company has developed an unparalleled nanofluidic technology-based platform, the abioSCOPE® to offer patients fast blood test results right at the Point-of-Care (PoC). The abioSCOPE® is... Read more

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Interoperability: Slow Progress But Willingness to Improve

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