Abionic's Unique Sepsis Detection Solution

Based in Switzerland, Abionic is an in vitro diagnostic company, uniquely positioned at the intersection of medical technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology. The company has developed an unparalleled nanofluidic technology-based platform, the abioSCOPE® to offer patients fast blood test results right at the Point-of-Care (PoC).

The abioSCOPE® is a compact and ultra-fast diagnostic solution, providing quantitative results at the PoC from only a single drop of patient sample (blood, saliva, urine) and only within few minutes.

The fast turnaround time of Abionic’s tests relies on the ability of the nanofluidic to force molecules to go into a nanochannel, limiting their travel distance to a few hundred nanometers and thus significantly reducing incubation time. A washing step is not needed as the surface-to-volume ratio is extremely high, and non-specific background is negligible.

Protein levels can thus be efficiently quantified within an ultra-short assay time, with high precision and accuracy on a closed, small, easy-to-operate platform, providing lab quality results at the PoC (Figure 1).