Huffington's Thrive: Tech to Fight Burnout

Huffington's Thrive: Tech to Fight Burnout
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Arianna Huffington, co-founder and former editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post has launched her new business Thrive Global aimed at combating stress – especially that triggered by technology - enhancing wellbeing and improving performance at work and play.

Addressing consumers’ relationship with technology is central to Thrive Global’s vision. In a press release the company stressed how technology has improved lives but is also addictive and it is time to regulate and manage its influence “to serve our best interests.”

“We are at an inflection point in history where technology has granted us powers that accelerate the speed of life beyond our capacity to cope,” said Huffington on the occasion of the launch. “Thrive Global is born in response to this need to take control of our lives and offer new strategies and tools, based on the latest science, to address the unintended consequences of these profound and invasive changes.”

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The framework of the company’s goals are three fold; corporate training for health strategies and tools at work, a media platform and an online store promoting and selling technologies produced by 18 tech partners that align with Thrive Global’s vision of consumer wellbeing.

Speaking to, The Journal, hospitalist Robert Wachter said that in 2017 physician burnout “will continue to be a major theme, with more effort going into reclaiming joy in practice”.

One of the company’s is Doctors on Demand which is one of the featured firms at Thrive Global’s pop-up store which is open in New York until mid-January.

Doctor On Demand is being highlighted in the technology sector where consumers will be able to interact and demo the service.

“We are a company deeply rooted in science and dedicated to helping people go from knowing what to do to bring more well-being into their lives to actually doing it. I am so excited to include Doctor On Demand within our amazing collection of products, services and technologies we’re featuring at Thrive Global that will help people improve their well-being and productivity and lead healthier and more joyful lives,” said Huffington.

Thrive Global has partnered with major media groups in India, Italy, Eastern Europe and South Africa to extend the reach of markets internationally.


Source: Thrive Global

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Published on : Thu, 1 Dec 2016

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