Tips for Hiring Top HIT Staff

Hiring Top HIT staff
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Hospitals do what they can to recruit the best doctors and nurses. However, it's just as important to attract the right people to take care of your hospital’s IT needs.


With all the pending healthcare technology initiatives from the federal government, including an increased focus on interoperability with electronic health records(EHR) systems, it’s crucial to have the right people leading your IT team.


Here are four strategies to help you hire top-quality IT professionals:


Focus on quality instead of quantity. If you advertise openings on general job boards and sites, you must be ready to spend hours (or days) filtering through applications to find candidates with the right skills and experience. To avoid such hassle, try looking for new employees using niche sites and social media platforms (e.g., LinkedIn) specifically catered to employing health IT professionals. This narrows down your job pool at the start, which may make it easier to target the employees you need.

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Be proactive when hunting for candidates. In addition to posting job adverts online, hospitals must do a bit more legwork to find the most qualified IT candidates. Using social media and niche sites, hospital hiring pros can search for potential candidates who have a specific skillset and type of experience – and reach out to them before they even apply for a job.


Extend the candidate search to other markets. Don’t just limit your search to health IT pros who live locally. You can target candidates in areas where there may not be as many opportunities for employment in health IT. If they’re far away, offering them relocation assistance may be just the push they need to consider working for your hospital.


Use current employees to find new workers. Employee referrals are a good way to find qualified job candidates. Tap into the networks of existing IT professionals to find potential candidates. From colleagues at previous hospital jobs to peers they met at health IT conferences, your employees have many professional connections at their disposal. Use them to your advantage when recruiting new staff.


Source: Healthcare Business & Technology
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Published on : Tue, 27 Dec 2016

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