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Cue Health Appoints Allison Blackwell Chief Human Resources Officer

2022 13 Jul

Seasoned Leader Brings Extensive Experience in Building Diverse, Inclusive Healthcare Organizations Cue Health Inc., a health technology company announced that it has appointed  Allison Blackwell  as Chief Human Resources Officer, effective immediately. Blackwell will be responsible for leading the strategic direction of Cue's human resources... Read more

Healthcare People Management - Preparing today’s professionals for tomorrow

2021 26 Apr

Recent paradigmatic shifts in society as a whole and healthcare in particular demand organisations to change how they approach, devise and implement their management strategies. In this context, people management is one of the priority areas, and a team of experts suggest a management model underpinning the New Health Staff 2030 context. ... Read more

HR Healthcare 2022

2022 24 Oct

EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 HEALTH CONCERNS  NEW DATES:  October 24 - 25, 2022 Find HR Healthcare on Social Media Read more

HR Healthcare 2019

2019 18 Jun

Find HR Healthcare on Social Media Read more

Top 2019 CIO challenges in face of healthcare consumerism

2018 29 Nov

Artificial intelligence (AI) and interoperability are among the most challenging technologies for implementation in 2019 for CIOs.   CIOs rated AI and cyber security (94%), Internet of Things (IoT) (90%), and interoperability (82%) as the most problematic technologies to apply next year. In parallel, 24% of healthcare CIOs admit having... Read more

Move over CIO; enter the Chief Digital Officer

2018 28 Nov

The role of CIOs is changing as the HIT management model shifts toward decentralised department heads and Line of Business (LOB) executives. This was one of the findings of Black Book Market Research in recently-released material based on the results of surveys undertaken in the U.S. by 247 CIOs and 1,305 Non-IT C-Level and senior management leaders.... Read more

Staff matters

2018 22 Sep

People are the backbone of healthcare systems. With staff costs up to three-quarters of the total budget one wonders why healthcare leaders are not looking for different, unorthodox, innovative approaches. When did we notice the last time anything groundbreaking in human resources?  Perhaps the potential of robotisation in healthcare to automate... Read more

M&A: Best human resources practices

2017 12 Sep

Healthcare has seen an increase in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity in recent years. M&A deal activity reached an all-time high in 2015, with consulting firm Deloitte expecting such activity to remain strong going forward. While M&A transactions are often pursued for strategic and economic reasons, Human Resources (HR) needs to be involved... Read more

Early Human Resources Involvement In M&A Essential For Success

2017 21 Aug

With Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity at a high in healthcare how can HR contribute to deals that work?   Human Resources (HR ) needs to be involved in M&A deals to increase deal success. Research shows early HR involvement is a critical success factor. Which role HR needs to play in M&A will be described around four critical responsibilities.... Read more

Leading the Way: Cutting Edge Human Resources

2017 21 Aug

A Human Resources (HR) department that continuously looks at ways to foster satisfaction for personnel reaps the rewards of innovation and productivity. puts some top HR approaches in the spotlight.     Long gone are the days of a deep divide between management and personnel. Human Resources (HR ) practice... Read more