Mayo Clinic has partnered with Hootsuite to expand the healthcare group's social media education programme. Through this partnership, the two organisations will offer online and in-person educational tools to help healthcare professionals throughout the world learn how to connect with patients via different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Mayo Clinic created its Center for Social Media five years ago to train and equip its staff to use these tools, and started its Social Media Health Network (SMHN) to share resources with healthcare colleagues globally. Hootsuite has been a leader across industries in developing social media training content.

“We’re excited that by working with Hootsuite we’re going to be offering an enhanced version of our basic healthcare social media training on demand and on a global scale,” said Lee Aase, director, Mayo's Center for Social Media. “It also will help us facilitate more advanced strategic application of social tools through our in-person courses.”

Aase says the goal is to offer the same one-day, in-person social media residency course as in years past, but to provide more advanced online materials so students can have “a deeper conversation” when they do meet.

In recent years, use of social media has increased in the healthcare industry. Social media can help promote health, educate people, advance science and connect healthcare providers with patients. According to one study, more than 40 percent of consumers say that information found on social media affects the way they deal with their health.

“We think it’s critical that healthcare employees from all realms of the spectrum understand how to use these tools, especially since it’s where [patients] spend so much time,” Aase says. “This Hootsuite partnership allows us to bring [those training tools] to a much wider audience.”

Farris K. Timimi, medical director at the Center for Social Media, looks at health professionals' adoption of social media as a way to provide trainees with “the same education that we provide patients on a daily basis."

He adds, “The ability to take your knowledge set to a larger audience effectively, and to do so efficiently, does not replace a patient and a provider in the exam room, but adds another powerful tool for engagement.”

Sources: Hootsuite / Hospital & Health Networks
Image credit: Mayo Clinic; Hootsuite

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