Upgrades, extensions and new systems offer wide-ranging hospitals workflow optimisations

  • Agreements demonstrate strength of Agfa HealthCare’s customer relationships in Belgian hospitals. 
  • IMPAX solutions and functionalities help hospitals to improve productivity and communication in radiology, nuclear medicine, cardiology and beyond. 
  • Managed Services offer facilities optimised TCO with high productivity and up-time.

Agfa HealthCare announces that it has signed contracts with five hospitals throughout Belgium for a range of either new or upgraded IMPAX solutions and functionalities. While the needs of the hospitals vary, the Agfa HealthCare solutions will offer each workflow optimisation, thanks to the seamless integration both by the new systems themselves and with the hospitals’ existing Agfa HealthCare solutions.

Managed Services address day-to-day and long-term challenges 

AZ Monica hospital in Deurne has signed a 7-year Managed Services contract with Agfa HealthCare for its IMPAX RIS/PACS. With this contract, Agfa HealthCare will handle all day-to-day monitoring and management of the system, and address the long-term challenges of medical image and report management. This solution offers AZ Monica an optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through economies of scale, while also delivering high levels of performance, maximised solution up-time and the availability of patient data storage, retrieval and distribution.

Integrating new customers and new solutions 

New Agfa HealthCare customer Heilig Hart hospital in Lier is a regional hospital offering a wide range of healthcare services. With its Radiology Information System (RIS) at its end of life, the hospital was looking to replace it. It chose the IMPAX RIS for its rich functionality, especially the scheduling module. Soon afterwards, the hospital decided to replace its existing Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) with IMPAX as well, giving the hospital seamless integration between RIS, PACS and Reporting.
Sint-Maria hospital in Halle is also a regional hospital, and had previously implemented IMPAX PACS. When the time came to replace its RIS, the hospital chose Agfa HealthCare, to combine workflow, image management and reporting into one seamless solution. The new agreement also includes ICIS View, Agfa HealthCare’s zero-footprint viewing technology, which allows internal and external viewing of images from any source using a simple internet browser. IMPAX Scheduling is also being implemented hospital-wide.

Extended IMPAX functionalities meet unique needs of different hospitals 

AZ Sint-Blasius in Dendermonde is a regional hospital that had already implemented IMPAX RIS/PACS solutions and has extended these to the nuclear medicine department. The enhanced solution offers fully integrated Nuclear Medicine Information System (NIS) as well as OASIS for IMPAX, a solution developed in cooperation with Segami Corp., for advanced viewing and manipulation of nuclear medicine images. It allows efficient reporting of new studies, instant availability of prior images and reports, and a shared reporting workflow between the nuclear medicine and radiology departments, for hybrid exams.
Antwerp University Hospital has chosen to upgrade its IMPAX for Cardiology PACS solution to the latest version. The upgrade will give the hospital enhanced capability for working with multislice modalities including CT and MRI, and greater integration capabilities for research or highly specialist clinical applications such as 4D echocardiography analysis.

“The decisions of these wide-ranging hospitals to implement or upgrade their IMPAX solutions highlight our ability to provide hospitals with the functionalities they need,” says Kristoff Reyntjes, Sales Director of Agfa HealthCare. “The seamless integration of the solutions – in radiology and far beyond – smoothes workflow to optimise efficiency and provides ease of use throughout the hospital. Even externally, referring GPs can feel the impact, thanks to the integration of solutions like ICIS View. We are very pleased that our solutions continue to support our ongoing relationships with our customers, as well as attracting new ones.”

Source: Agfa 

25 February 2014

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