Regionale Kliniken Holding Aims to Expand its Role as a Healthcare Provider with Agfa HealthCare

Regionale Kliniken Holding Aims to Expand its Role as a Major Healthcare Provider with Agfa HealthCare DR
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4-year framework contract covers DR rooms, Mobile DR and DR retrofit solutions, all powered by MUSICA intelligent image processing 

  • Hospital group will install three DR 600 multi-detector, high-productivity, high-throughput direct radiography systems.
  • The innovative mobile DX-D 100 with FreeView technology will be implemented in the intensive care unit, enhancing maneuverability and safety, with high quality imaging.
  • The mobile DX-D Retrofit will provide the workflow and image quality benefits of mobile DR, while using the existing mobile equipment.

Agfa HealthCare has announced that it has signed a four-year framework contract to supply digital imaging solutions to Regionale Kliniken Holding (RKH) Ludwigsburg, in Germany. This group currently includes eight acute care facilities, an orthopedic clinic and a geriatric rehabilitation clinic, all providing healthcare services to the counties of Ludwigsburg, Enzkreis and Karlsruhe. The hospitals will implement 13 direct radiography (DR) solutions for the imaging departments, as well as mobile devices for the intensive care units, by 2018. A tailored service and support package helps support maximum system availability. 

Image quality and mobility

RKH's goal for the coming years is to strengthen its position as a major provider of healthcare in the region. Taking a phased approach to going digital in the hospitals is part of this strategy. In the first phase, all X-ray and computed radiography (CR) systems in the Ludwigsburg hospital (the largest facility in the group) will be replaced by up-to-date DR workstations. "In the first phase, the hospital group will implement three ceiling-mounted, fully automated DR 600 devices in the radiology department, a mobile digital DX-D 100 with the new FreeView technology in the intensive care unit, and mobile DX-D Retrofit systems," says Michael Strüter, General Manager and Head of Sales Agfa HealthCare DACH region. 

Maximum productivity, versatility and safety

The high-performance DR 600 will play a major role in the future of the RKH organization. Fully automated, the DR 600 streamlines workflow, increases throughput and enhances the experience of patients and operators alike, even in the busiest imaging environments. The ZeroForce Technology means manual movement of the tube head in all directions is quick and requires almost zero effort, while the EasyStitch technology minimizes distortions, for high-precision full leg full spine imaging. "The system has been immediately accepted by the users," comments Frank Barzen, Imaging Business Division Manager, Agfa HealthCare DACH. 

The highly maneuverable, wireless DX-D 100 is ideal for the busy intensive care unit, as well as for emergency departments, operating rooms or at the patient's bedside. With the new FreeView technology, the telescopic arm of the DX-D 100 can be collapsed for an unobstructed view that offers better maneuverability and navigation. 

The group will also implement the mobile DX-D Retrofit. Offering a quick, simple and non-invasive installation, the solution is ready to go in next to no time, very cost-effectively. There is no battery-operated mobile retrofit box to fit and no cabling around the X-ray unit, for greater flexibility and hygiene. 

All DR solutions are empowered by Agfa HealthCare's gold-standard MUSICA image processing software, providing consistently high image quality across all of Agfa HealthCare's digital radiography solutions and robustness against variations including patient size, tube quality and exposure settings.  

Tailored, end-to-end service

"RKH was convinced not only by the good price-performance ratio, but also by our detailed, custom-tailored, end-to-end concept," explains Michael Strüter. "This makes it very clear how our sales, service and product management teams will work with the individual requirements and requests from the group's various organizations and services, and will accommodate the specific needs of individual departments."

Source & Image Credit : Agfa HealthCare

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Published on : Wed, 3 Feb 2016

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Regionale Kliniken,Agfa HealthCare DR, MUSICA Agfa HealthCare has announced that it has signed a four-year framework contract to supply digital imaging solutions to Regionale Kliniken Holding (RKH) Ludwigsburg, in Germany. This group currently includes eight acute care facilities, an orthopedic clini

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