New Imaging Solutions From Canon During COVID-19

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We are all experiencing challenging times due to the coronavirus, which is still spreading around the world. Canon Medical Systems also had to adjust to the situation so that we can continue to provide high quality support to our customers and partners, so they can provide the best care possible to those who need it the most: the patients. The company has developed innovative solutions at an extremely rapid pace during the COVID-19 crisis. These advanced solutions include:

Increased Workflow

An efficient workflow is necessary in every hospital and clinic, now even more than ever before. Workflows can be optimised with our image interpretation solutions with Advanced Intelligent Clear-IQ Engine (AICE) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. It improves workflows for physicians and technologists involved in diagnostic imaging and imaging examinations, and contribute to provision of an efficient healthcare. 

Flexible Rental and Mobile Solutions 

During the COVID-19 crisis, Canon Medical is providing static rental and mobile imaging trailers equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment. All that is required is sufficient parking and power facilities. Canon Medical Mobile Imaging Solutions are designed with patient comfort in mind. The mobile scanners are equipped with a large changing room, ensuring patient privacy, whilst a secure locker is provided for patients’ valuables. Canon's new CT Scan Unit is a deployable imaging solution that enables uncompromising workflow and imaging performance as well as personal safety. 

Customised Solutions

Our country offices have created special offers that are individually tailored to clinical, operational and financial needs of our clients. We provide what our customers need and if their requirements change over time, Canon adapts the technology to to fit their needs. 

Remote Services

Social distancing is extremely important to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In order to ensure compliance with this new reality, Canon offers InnerVisions remote diagnostics, a team of highly trained engineers and application specialists who can monitor our customers’ systems remotely and assist  local engineers in preventing problems and resolve most problems and issues remotely. 

These solutions are only a glimpse of what Canon has to offer for healthcare professionals. Canon continues to provide advanced solutions with its Made for Life philosophy in mind: Made for patients. Made for partnerships. Made for you. 

For more information about Canon's advanced solutions during the pandemic, please visit

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Published on : Wed, 29 Jul 2020

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