Volpara Solutions Wins Technology Innovation Award

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Frost & Sullivan have recently recognised Volpara Solutions with the 2014 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation Leadership. This award is presented each year to a company that demonstrates uniqueness in developing and leveraging new technologies that can have an impact on the functionality and customer value of the new products and applications. Volpara Solutions is a wholly owned sales and marketing arm of Matakina Technology Limited of New Zealand. The company was founded with the vision to enable radiologists to give women the most accurate information about their breast health.

Volpara Solutions offers an innovative range of volumetric breast imaging solutions that are specifically designed for the early detection of breast cancer. The company has been introduced new and improved solutions all around the globe, including the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Some of its most reputable solutions include VolparaDose, VolparaDensity, VolparaAnalytics and VolparaResearch. While the density and dose solutions are patient specific, the analytics and research solutions are clinic-wide monitoring tools for healthcare professionals.

Siddharth Saha, Research Director, Advanced Medical Technologies at Frost & Sullivan, appreciates Volpara's effort to improve breast care detection and diagnosis. “Frost & Sullivan lauds Volpara Solutions for continuous leadership in technology innovation, thoughtfulness in identifying the unmet need for dose tracking in breast imaging, and a clear vision for what analytics can achieve in the early detection and treatment of breast cancer. Furthermore, all of the applications are built to serve across both full-field digital mammography and digital tomosynthesis systems, and with multi-vendor compatibility and reproducible data. This is of high relevance in the industry, as tomosynthesis is quickly gaining currency, with 30 percent of the members of the Society of Breast Imaging in the U.S. already using it.”

Volpara Solutions is the only company that offers a dose measurement tool specifically designed for breast imaging. It is also a pioneer in leveraging the Mega Trend of Dose Reduction because it recognises the importance of patient-specific dose tracking and reporting. In addition, Volpara Solutions has been in the forefront in providing support for personalized breast screening. The company's researchers are looking at incorporating personalized screening protocols for women.

The company has been extremely successful at addressing the unmet needs in the detection, prevention and treatment of breast cancer. Volpara Solutions is further committed to allowing researchers all around the world to compare data and to detect geographical, racial and age-related trends with respect to breast cancer. This could lead to the development of analytical models that have the potential to revolutionise the detection of breast cancer.

Source: Frost & Sullivan
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Published on : Fri, 19 Sep 2014

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