Barco Launches Breast Imaging and PACS Display

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Barco has announced the release of Coronis Uniti™, the first diagnostic display explicitly designed for both PACS and breast imaging.

The Coronis Uniti display aims to improve reading performance by supporting both PACS and breast imaging, calibrated colour and grayscale, 2D and 3D static and dynamic images, Coronis Uniti eliminates the need for multi-head display setups or moving to another workstation. It features RapidFrame™ technology to ensure crisp and in-focus moving images and an innovative multi-touch pad for fast application control.

The 12MP color screen offers the highest resolution available on the medical imaging market today. Furthermore, to meet the DICOM standard for grayscale images and to guarantee consistent color, the display is equipped with Barco’s industry-changing SteadyColor™ calibration technology. Additional special features such as Color Per Pixel Uniformity™ to reduce screen noise and Ambient Light Compensation™ ensure that image quality is flawless, in any lighting environment. The MediCal QAWeb™ software for automated calibration and Quality Assurance guarantees top performance without interruptions.

According to a recent radiology survey by healthcare research agency MarkeTech, 87 percent of radiologists experience physical discomfort when reading images, ranging from eye fatigue to back pain. With Coronis Uniti, Barco has paid attention to ergonomics. The display optimises the reading experience by mirroring a human’s natural field of vision. Its carefully designed format minimises the need for head and eye movements, while also creating the perfect canvas for side-by-side comparison of multiple images.

To reduce eye fatigue, the SoftGlow™ wall light adds ambient light to the reading room, while the SoftGlow™ task light shines a light on papers and film folders. Barco’s Optical Glass™ technology is also incorporated into the display, which reduces reflections and enhances image sharpness for greater viewing comfort. Additionally, Coronis Uniti can be turned into a virtual lightbox to compare film-based priors – using a handy film clip – with current digital exams.

“With advances in image quality, productivity, and ergonomics, Barco is convinced that the Coronis Uniti™ display system will change the radiology reading room,” says Lynda Domogalla, Vice President of product marketing for Barco’s Healthcare division. “By simplifying and standardising the image reading technology platform, it becomes easier to manage and control the entire display network. Furthermore, by replacing the multiple-head display setup, Coronis Uniti offers unique opportunities to reduce display cost, real estate, and operational expenditure. In short, this is a one-time investment that will last a lifetime.”

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Published on : Thu, 23 Oct 2014

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Radiology, Barco, breast imaging, display Barco has announced the release of Coronis Uniti™, the first diagnostic display explicitly designed for both PACS and breast imaging. The Coronis Uniti

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