NeuroLogica’s Neuro CT Capabilities Enhanced With Olea Medical Software

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NeuroLogica is now offering Olea Medical’s perfusion analysis software for BodyTom® and CereTom®. Olea SphereTM Enterprise Package includes Perfusion & Analysis Plug-ins as well as Permeability and Longitudinal Mono-Modal CT options. 

Together, these technologies expand the diagnostic capabilities of BodyTom and CereTom providing additional patient information at the Point-of-Care.
BodyTom is the world’s first portable, 32-slice, full body scanner. BodyTom is easily transported throughout the hospital to provide essential CT scans to the most critically ill patients. With an 85cm gantry and 60cm field of view, BodyTom produces high quality DICOM images, which are compatible with the top names in surgical navigation and planning systems.

The CereTom is an 8-slice portable CT scanner that delivers the high quality NeCT, CT Angiography, and CT Perfusion scans in a variety of patient locations. The combination of rapid scan time, easy to use and immediate image viewing make CereTom an indispensable tool for any clinician needing real time, high quality images.

Olea Sphere is an image processing software package intended for picture archive, post- processing and communication. It helps standardise both viewing and analysis capabilities of functional and dynamic imaging datasets acquired with MRI and CT across vendors. It features innovative image viewing and analysis, processing of perfusion weighted image post-processing, permeability computation, as well as diffusion weighted image/tensor image post-processing, fiber tracking post-processing, and longitudinal analysis of multiple time points. It is compliant with the DICOM standard and Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems. It runs on any standard off-the-shelf workstation or it can be used through a thin deployment with a server.

“I am extremely satisfied with the integration of our applications into CereTom and BodyTom,” said Façal Djeridane, CEO and President of Olea Medical. “At Olea Medical, we are pulling significant efforts towards continuous improvement of patient care and I strongly believe that this integration will tremendously enhance patient diagnosis in emergency settings.”

27 November 2013

Source: NeuroLogica

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Published on : Fri, 29 Nov 2013

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CT, Imaging, Software NeuroLogica is now offering Olea Medical’s perfusion analysis software for BodyTom® and CereTom®. Olea SphereTM Enterprise Package includes Perfusion &

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