Italy Outlines 7-Point Plan on AI-Imaging Ethics

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Italian researchers have addressed the question of ethics in deployment of AI in radiology processes as the technology brings up questions about the responsibility of radiologists.


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In an editorial published in La Radiologia Medica a team led by Prof. Emanuele Neri of the department of translational research at the University of Pisa detailed seven points that they think need to be taken into account. They proposed one solution would be to create ethical AI, with the same checks, controls, and monitoring as radiologists are subjected to. The 7-point plan comprised:


  • Using AI, the radiologist must be responsible for the diagnosis.  
  • Radiologists must be trained on the use of AI because they are responsible for the actions of machines.
  • Radiologists involved in R&D have the responsibility to guide the respect of rules for a trustworthy AI.
  • Radiologist responsibility is at risk of validating the unknown (black box).
  • Radiologist decision may be biased by the AI automation.
  • Risk of a paradox: increasing AI tools to compensate the lack of radiologists.
  • The need for informed consent and quality measures.


"AI is entering the radiological discipline very quickly and will soon be in clinical use,” said Prof. Neri.
The team lead went on to note that future legislation must clarify what the responsibilities of radiologists were when engaging with AI. It also stressed the need to have influence over machines and “limiting the sphere of autonomy that instead technological evolution would like to recognise to robots."



Source: Springer

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Published on : Tue, 4 Feb 2020

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AI ethics imaging radiology legislation Italy Italian researchers have presented their ideas on how AI and radiologists need to work together for ethical deployment of the technology.

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