It is with great anticipation that we count down to the start of the European Society for Radiology’s fully online European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2021 from 3-7 March 2021. ECR is also going global with its “Pop-up World Tour–Online – On demand”, thus embracing a new way of connecting the radiology community across the world.


After a year of lockdowns and isolation, we are all yearning for human contact. So,what better way to symbolise this need than choosing an embrace? Host country, Austria, has chosen The Kiss by Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt, as the leitmotiv in this year’s congress “Embracing”, the old and the new. As befitting a Congress of standing, ECR will offer participants a new, online experience with many added features.

“If you cannot come to us due to the situation, we will bring ECR to you,” reaffirmed Michael Fuchsjäger, ESR President.

Some of the programme highlights include: advanced training courses, basic training courses and the In Focus programme, which will be especially relevant as it will look at mental and physical wellbeing, resilience, mindfulness and coping with stress.


The Lancet Oncology Commission will, for the first time, present results of research on Ensuring Sustainable Healthcare Systems.Multidisciplinary and special focussessions will deal with a broad range of topics, including lung cancer screening, rectal cancer treatment, sarcoma, fibrotic lung disease, and many more.


During the ESR meets countries sessions the focus will be on India, Armenia, Austria, Arabian Peninsula (Oman, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates).