ECR 2014: Hitachi Aloka Medical Unveils Arietta Ultrasound Brand

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Hitachi Aloka Medical today launched the new brand ARIETTA with two ultrasound products the ARIETTA 70 and ARIETTA 60, at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria.

With more than sixty years’ experience and know-how in imaging, Hitachi Aloka has been a pioneer in developing reliable high-quality solutions for a broad range of ultrasound applications. 'Arietta' is the name for a short aria, the highlight of an opera. This new brand name evokes strong emotions often related to music with the ARIETTA platforms being designed to detect and display very fine details, helping us to “sense and visualise ultrasound”. 

“The name reflects our commitment to providing accurate and reliable ultrasound diagnostic information that can be helpful in improving patient management”, explained Mr Minoru Yoshizumi, President of Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd., Japan. 

ARIETTA 70 and ARIETTA 60 are two new diagnostic ultrasound platforms resulting from the joining of long common traditions; they combine the know-how developed in the HI VISION series of Hitachi Medical Corporation with the ProSound models of Aloka Co., Ltd. as well as the achievements from a close collaboration involving the Central Research Laboratory of Hitachi, Ltd. 

“Our company, Hitachi Aloka Medical, will continue to thoroughly investigate and expand the possibilities of diagnostic ultrasound so as to further improve ‘the clarity of sound’. Our aim is to contribute even further to improve people's health and make visible what is concealed”, said Mr Yoshizumi. "We offer the ability to scan every patient confidently", he added.

High Image Quality in a Compact Size

Though requiring very little space, these ultrasound platforms give highly resolved ultrasound anatomical detail due to the newly optimised generation, emission and detection of ultrasound signals, the improved signal processing, as well as the superb quality of the display. Using multi-layer crystal technology and an improved connector, the versatile range of probes achieves very high sensitivities from the enhanced signal-to-noise ratios, in addition to improved durability and handling. The sophisticated, flexible programming of the emitted and received ultrasound signals allows more precise control of the ultrasound beam, guaranteeing higher spatial resolution. In addition, the new platforms are equipped with fast ultrasound-specific digital signal processors, supporting a great variety of application-related features and advanced data processing. In combination with the wide view angle and the excellent contrast of the IPS-Pro(*3) monitor, this powerful signal processing unit significantly enhances image clarity.

Advanced applications

The new  ARIETTA 70 and ARIETTA 60 are ideally suited for many advanced applications, such as 
  • Real-time Virtual Sonography for a side-by-side display of ultrasound and other modality results, e. g. CT or MRI
  • Real-time Tissue Elastography, visualising tissue strain in real-time and giving local stiffness information
  • 2D-Tissue Tracking for quantitatively evaluating the movement and the thickening of the cardiac muscle.

Ergonomic Design

Detailed ergonomic design that meets recommended industry standards supports a comfortable working environment:
  • Compared with previous models the new systems are lighter by 45 %
  • 10.5 " touch screen panel
  • 21 " IPS-Pro high-resolution monitor
  • Two way multi-rotary encoders enable the adjustment of many functions in one control, significantly reducing hand and arm movements
  • The large palm rest at the centre of the operating console is designed to give optimum wrist support
  • The panel height can be lowered to 70 cm, allowing the operator to perform lower extremity examinations with a safe, comfortable reach to the operating console.

The machine offers customisation for each clinical application. The system can automatically adapt to the patient being scanned, with an auto-mode button. 

The Arietta 70 is aimed at secondary and tertiary care facilities, while the smaller Arietta 60 is aimed at primary and secondary care facilities for use in routine clinical examinations. 

 The new machines will ship in June. 

Source: Hitachi 

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Published on : Fri, 7 Mar 2014

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Ultrasound, Hitachi, ECR 2014 Hitachi Aloka Medical today launched the new brand ARIETTA with two ultrasound products the ARIETTA 70 and ARIETTA 60, at the European Congress of Radiolog

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