BIR/Bayer Announces Service Award

BIR/Bayer Announces Service Award
The BIR, in partnership with Bayer HealthCare, has launched a new award called the BIR/Bayer “Make it Better” service award.
The award will be given to the group of people who have demonstrated the best improvement in an aspect of service delivery by making it more effective, or have improved patient experience. This might be an innovative design of a piece of kit or patient pathway that has improved patient comfort or made the pathway less invasive, reduced delays or improved the environment for the patient.

The award is open to individuals or groups of people from either an imaging department, radiotherapy, medical physics or from a multi-disciplinary team who may be either BIR members or non-members.
BIR President, Professor Andrew Jones, said “We are delighted that Bayer will be partnering with us in this important award which will showcase innovation from multidisciplinary teams within hospitals around the UK.”
Suzanne Jarvis, Brand Manager from Bayer said “Bayer has chosen to work with the BIR and this new award to highlight those important improvements in service delivery, however small, which make a huge difference to how a patient feels when he or she visits a hospital for a scan or treatment.”
Applications MUST demonstrate that the delivery of a particular service or patient experience has improved. This may be, for example, by reducing cost, increasing throughput, improving diagnostic quality leading to better outcomes, improving infection control, increasing staff or patient satisfaction, improving comfort or reducing motion of the patient. This list is not exhaustive but is given as examples.
The award is in the form of a plaque and funding to attend UKRC (where the award will be presented) of up to £1,000. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2015.
The funding and sponsorship for this award is provided by Bayer HealthCare.

Reference and Image Credit: The British Institute of Radiology

Published on : Mon, 15 Sep 2014

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Imaging, Radiotherapy, Innovation, British Institute of Radiology The BIR, in partnership with Bayer HealthCare, has launched a new award called the BIR/Bayer “Make it Better” service award. The award will be given t

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