Expanding its portfolio for the radiology segment, Samsung to introduce upgraded 
ultrasound systems, digital radiography, and related software and service solutions

Samsung Electronics, a leader in medical imaging technology, is showcasing the latest diagnostic imaging medical devices at the 2018 European Congress of Radiology (ECR), held at the Austria Centre Vienna this week. 

At booth #506 (Expo. X5), Samsung is displaying medical equipment based on its ‘AccE™’ (Access, Accuracy and Efficiency) strategy, which aims to change the industry by incorporating innovations in physical access to provide care wherever needed. Samsung also seeks to improve accuracy in diagnosis with advanced algorithms and efficiency with advanced display, UX and information management technology developed by Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung is committed to medical advancements for both diagnostic solutions and patient care. We will continue to develop optimized medical equipment to healthcare providers by combining our key values in the pursuit of Access, Accuracy and Efficiency,” said Dongsoo Jun, President of Health & Medical Equipment Business at Samsung Electronics and CEO of Samsung Medison. 

Within ultrasound systems, Samsung has made great achievements in Obstetrics and Gynecology and will continue to expand its portfolio to the radiology segment. At ECR 2018, Samsung will present upgraded ultrasound systems including: 

• RS85, Samsung’s advanced premium ultrasound system for radiology that provides enhanced image quality and convenience for medical and radiology professionals. The RS85 features MV-Flow™ technology, which detects blood flow in the microvascular, and S-Shearwave Imaging™, which provides new indicators for clinical diagnosis by quantifying the elasticity of tissue. The S-Fusion™ function extends analysis from the abdomen to the prostate, and also allows coordination and simultaneous comparative analysis of images from other modalities such as MRI and CT for easy and fast biopsy.

• HS70A with Prime, the high-end ultrasound system specifically designed to fit into a general ultrasound imaging setting from routine to complex. It features Arterial Analysis™, which detects changes in vessels, providing measurement values such as stiffness. The S-Shearwave™ and Realistic Vue™ are additional features that improve image quality.

Samsung will also introduce digital radiography solutions that manage the dose for patients and meet the needs of healthcare providers, including: 

• GC85A, which provides outstanding images that boost diagnostic confidence equipped with technologies such as S-Detector™ and S-Align™. The device adopts Low Dose technology for enhanced patient safety. Samsung recently cleared in the U.S. FDA for 50% dose reduction in adults’ chest exams, using GC85A with the new imaging engine S-Vue™3.02.     

• GM85, a lighter version of original GM85 will be displayed. The weight is reduced, but the functional benefits such as enhanced mobility and streamlined workflow are still retained. GM85 provides advanced patient care through leading edge imaging functions.

At the Beyond Experience Zone, visitors can learn about Samsung’s efforts in supporting radiologists in their diagnoses through various software technologies such as SimGridTM, Bone Suppression and Dose Reduction. In addition to superb medical equipment, healthcare providers can visit the Low Dose Campaign Zone and experience how low the radiation dose of GC85A is compared to real life radiation through the Low Dose Quiz.

Samsung Electronics’ subsidiary NeuroLogica will showcase innovative mobile CT OmniTom®, which features an array of improvements from Samsung’s award-winning CereTom® CT scanner. OmniTom® is ideal for cranial procedures and is designed to deliver high-quality non-contrast CT, CT angiography and CT perfusion scans. The combination of its rapid scan time, ultra-small footprint and immediate image viewing makes OmniTom® an indispensable tool for collecting real-time data on critically ill patients. Samsung will also show its spectral CT with Photon Counting Detector (PCD), the next generation of CT technology.

Samsung is also presenting a prototype of Extremity MRI, which is expected to be a game changer in the industry. It is designed to improve not only cost and space efficiency but also patient convenience, as it reduces the need for the whole body to be in the MRI device to scan extremity areas such as arms and legs. 

In addition to showcasing its portfolio of comprehensive healthcare solutions, Samsung will be hosting two satellite symposia throughout the week at ECR. Samsung’s symposia will highlight the key trends and issues across ultrasound imaging and digital radiography technologies. 


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