Offering X-ray Intelligence At Work, Shaped From The Real Experiences Of Radiographers

At RSNA 2020, Agfa Radiology Solutions continues to deliver on its promise and vision to transform radiology, with intelligent and definitive answers for healthcare imaging needs


· With its unique combination of hardware and AI-powered software, SmartXR’s predictive workflow assistance boosts radiographers’ productivity.

· Intelligent tools for dose, detector alignment, patient positioning and more, support efficient and consistent outcomes, while leaving the radiographer in control.

· SmartXR is available for use with the DR 600 and DR 100s, enabling hospitals to leverage these systems and the user experience.

· Click here to participate in the launch event.


Agfa announces the launch of its SmartXR portfolio on 29 November 2020 at RSNA, being held virtually. SmartXR uses a unique combination of hardware and AI-powered software to lighten radiographers’ workloads and provide image acquisition support. This newest member of Agfa’s DR portfolio offers key assistance during the radiology routine, which has proven to be very important during the COVID-19 crisis, as well as beyond.


‘Smart’ efficiency improvements

The SmartXR portfolio brings intelligence to digital radiography (DR) equipment at the point of care. Integrated sensors and cameras combined with powerful AI software, 3D machine vision, deep learning and machine intelligence, support the radiographer with first-time-right image acquisition. By reducing retakes, this speeds up the radiology workflow, and optimizes utilization and equipment costs.


Consistency matters

Along with fewer retakes, SmartXR offers other advantages for getting the best image with the lowest dose reasonably achievable. It provides recommendations on dose tailored to the patient, but also ensures greater consistency in positioning, exposure and AEC settings. Reducing variability, this enables more confident comparison of current and prior images, even when different radiographers are making the images.


Fewer clicks, greater confidence

SmartXR includes a range of tools designed to support the radiographer intelligently:

· SmartAlign: uses sensors to ensure that the tube and panel are optimally aligned, and provides recommendations if necessary.

· SmartPositioning: augments a first-person LiveVision camera view of the patient with smart overlays to project the image area and exposure control onto the patient’s body.  Visual cues will indicate when positioning can be further optimized.

· SmartDose: uses 3D machine vision to determine the thickness of the patient, and then tailors exposure parameters specifically for that patient's anatomy.

· SmartRotate: uses a Deep Neural Net to interpret the image contents and automatically rotates the image in the correct orientation, ready for viewing, saving time in post-processing.


The SmartXR tools are currently available to upgrade the DR 600 high-productivity, fully automated X-ray room and the DR 100s high-productivity, ergonomic, mobile DR imaging solution, for comfortable bedside imaging.


“Last year we launched the DR 100s: a new generation in mobile DR. This year, we continue to deliver on our promise and our vision to transform radiology, by bringing intelligent and definitive answers to patients, with SmartXR. It offers a new kind of smart care, that turns the potential of AI into real advantages for digital radiography: enhanced clinical confidence, efficiency and productivity, and the delivery of excellent patient care,” says Georges Espada, Radiography Solutions Business Group Leader at Agfa.   


To participate in the launch event, and find out more about how SmartXR can help you enhance clinical performance and patient care, click here, or join us at RSNA 2020.


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