As a major strategic player in the digital healthcare and imaging markets, Agfa HealthCare invests in and for France.
Important recent wins include three ORBIS EMRs and the Médiale regional imaging project in Lorraine
  • Over the past 5 years, substantial R&D investments were made in France, with a focus on innovation and mobility.
  • Agfa HealthCare solutions support French hospitals and clinics in meeting their evolving regulatory, financial and patient care needs.
  • Agfa HealthCare's HEXALIS* is the single most used LIS package in France.
  • Agfa HealthCare develops solutions designed to support the French approach of integrated care.
Agfa HealthCare announces that it is committed to continue to strengthen its role as a major player in the French digital healthcare and imaging markets. The Agfa Group now counts 730 employees in France, across nine sites, including four R&D centers.
France is a strategic market for Agfa HealthCare. The company is focusing on developing and marketing its solutions to meet the specific needs of French hospitals. It uses its extensive and long-term experience to create and continuously improve healthcare IT solutions that cover the needs of public and private healthcare enterprises, whether operating as single facilities, multi-site hospitals or regional groups, as well as the requirements for interoperability between the different healthcare actors within the defined Health Territories.
Seamless integration and dedicated functionalities: ORBIS
Agfa HealthCare's ORBIS clinical information system (CIS) has already been installed in 40 hospitals across France and manages 1.000.000 daily patients visits around Europe.  The ORBIS roll-out at the Paris AP-HP hospital group also continues as hospital Avicenne is the next site of AP-HP hospitals that is now using the ORBIS solution.  The system addresses key workflows and offers features such as surgery department management and the medication circuit, which now covers 7.000 hospital beds across the country. At the end of last year, three new hospitals in France chose to implement the ORBIS electronic medical record (EMR): CH de Saint-Quentin, CH de Remiremont and CHI André Grégoire in Montreuil-sous-Bois.   Agfa HealthCare is continuing the development of ORBIS by adding key functionalities for the French healthcare model, including a common semantic-based dictionary and the Portal, for referring physicians and patients to create an integrated care solution.
An integrated approach towards a paperless hospital
Agfa HealthCare continues the integration of the different hospital IT components, which include the HEXAGONE* hospital information system (HIS) , catering management software (ORBIS Restauration)* , a diagnosis-related groups (DRG) solution and enterprise content management system (HYDMEDIA).
Winning two tenders in 2014, for CHU Nantes and CH Montreuil-sous-Bois, Agfa HealthCare is further rolling out HEXAGONE in hospitals in France. HEXAGONE supports hospitals to meet the evolving legal requirements regarding digitalisation of documentation. It was one of the first HIS systems to be certified for FIDES (billing) and PESV2 (accounting), in 2014. The solution is now migrating to a fully web-based version, which will enable the complete digitalisation of all administrative documents by interfacing with Agfa HealthCare's HYDMedia archiving solution. Another example of how Agfa HealthCare is putting the newest technology at the disposal of patients and hospitals is its ORBIS Restauration software, which allows patients to order their meals digitally.
Number 1 most-used LIS in France: HEXALIS
In 2014, Agfa HealthCare's HEXALIS laboratory information system (LIS) reached a new milestone, becoming the number 1 most used LIS package in France. It is already in use in over 1.160 laboratories across the country. HEXALIS includes a quality management system, a portal and a results distribution platform.
Regional medical image sharing
In March 2015, the executive committee of GCS Télésanté Lorraine announced that Agfa HealthCare, in a consortium with Santeos, has been awarded the contract for the regional Médiale project, which will include a picture archiving and communication system (PACS). Within the Médiale project, all medical imaging files produced in Lorraine will be indexed in a regional registry, while every site that produces images will share all of those images. So far, 71 facilities will be part of Médiale, which will thereby cover 95% of image production for the region. With Médiale, Agfa HealthCare is playing a key role in giving medical image sharing a truly regional dimension in France.
Dedicated solutions for an evolving French healthcare market

Hans Vandewyngaerde, President of Agfa HealthCare EMEA explains: "Our vision on integrated care has accelerated the development of solutions adapted for the French market.  We are enhancing the development of an integrated platform and specific solutions in order to connect patients and healthcare professionals."

Source and image credit: Agfa HeathCare

* Not available in the US and Canada
** Not available in the US

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agfa healthcare, imaging, HIS, CIS, hospital, integrated care As a major strategic player in the digital healthcare and imaging markets, Agfa HealthCare invests in and for France. Important recent wins include three ORBIS EMRs and the Médiale regional imaging project in Lorraine.