Integrating voice recognition in ORBIS will optimise the capture and sharing of medical information amongst healthcare professionals.
  • Fast, accurate, and secure documentation, with voice navigation, directly within ORBIS.
  • Integrated solution enhances physician productivity and speeds up report turnaround.
  • Zero deployment effort for integration of Speech recognition into ORBIS.

Agfa HealthCare and Nuance Communications, Inc., today announce the integration of the newest version of Nuance's speech recognition software - 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services - in the ORBIS clinical information system (CIS). With the Nuance speech recognition functionalities, physicians who use ORBIS can enhance their productivity, allowing them to spend more time with their patients.
Simple, reliable, productive tools

Within the context of care facility reorganisation and hospital budget reduction issues in France, voice recognition solutions for healthcare professionals are increasingly popular.  Hospitals are looking for simple, reliable and productive tools that provide data capture, consultation and medical data-sharing functionalities on demand. After the successful integration of Nuance voice recognition into the heart of ORBIS in Germany since 2013, Agfa HealthCare and Nuance Communications are now demonstrating their commitment to offering an effective solution for the healthcare sector in France. "The direct integration of the new Nuance technology in our ORBIS solution is a strategic and significant milestone for Agfa HealthCare," says David Roussarie, ORBIS Sales Manager France, at Agfa HealthCare.
Embedded speech recognition

ORBIS users have access to the embedded speech recognition technology, and can use their voice to capture medical information directly into the patient record, whether in free text, fields or forms, for fast report creation. The dynamic and intuitive voice navigation lets the user control the check boxes, radio buttons or workflow options. This innovation helps create an optimal digital hospital environment. It significantly speeds up the availability of medical information and documentation for care teams. Paper documentation is reduced and non-integrated speech technology eliminated. The new, embedded integration reduces IT administrative efforts and their associated costs.
"Zero load on the client, zero integration and deployment effort"
"Based on the principle of zero load on the client, zero integration effort and zero deployment effort, hospitals can, in one click, equip each user with desktop speech recognition. It is an approach now fully implemented in ORBIS," comments Jean-Marc Torre, Pre-sales Manager at Nuance Healthcare France.
Speech recognition in ORBIS is now available with a software update or via voice activation with the ORBIS Speech solution. ORBIS users who already have Nuance healthcare voice recognition can retain their existing voice profiles and enhanced vocabulary with a simple upgrade.
Source and image credit: Agfa HealthCare

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Agfa HealthCare, imaging, speech recognition, voice, EHR ntegrating voice recognition in ORBIS will optimise the capture and sharing of medical information amongst healthcare professionals.