Clinicians from across the UK recently gathered in Winchester to attend a two-day CT user group hosted by Siemens Healthcare. Nine speakers from hospitals across the UK presented the latest findings on CT to help improve routine clinical practice.  Topics covered included Dual Energy CT, enhanced specifications on Siemens systems and experiences in implementing best practice in CT.
Elizabeth Shaw, Deputy CT Superintendent and Trupti Patel, Superintendent Radiographer at the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust shared their department’s developments of cardiac scanning protocols over the past ten years. This included their move from retrospective scanning to prospective scanning to help provide low doses to patients in the specialist heart and lung unit.
Elizabeth Shaw states, “By implementing new imaging techniques we have been able to lower the appropriate dose to increase patient safety and wellbeing. We wanted to share these best practices around the protocols we have been developing over the years in regards to cardiac scanning. We hope the information will be useful to other CT clinicians across the UK, and valuable to their clinical practice.”
Other presentations included Brian Devlin, Senior Radiographer at Royal Liverpool Hospital leading the topic on the past, present and future of radiofrequency ablations. Meanwhile, guest speaker Claire Brettle, Superintendent Radiographer at Great Western Hospital covered CT guided transcutaneous treatment of refractory autophony with delegates. The day also incorporated an overview of the latest Siemens innovations and a question and answer session with Applications Specialists for delegates to gather in depth information on Siemens CT systems.
Elizabeth Shaw continued, “I was very interested to hear other delegates’ insights and gain a new perspective on CT practices. Working in a specialist department, it is important for us to get an overview of a wider range of procedures. The question and answer sessions with Siemens Applications Specialists proved to be very useful as they were able to provide the best advice on how to improve practices and make the best use of equipment.”
Russell Lodge, CT Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare adds, “Siemens supports customers in many different ways and CT user groups are an opportunity to provide delegates with a chance to learn about new developments and advances within CT. It is also a chance to network and share best practice with other users of Siemens equipment; delegates have commented that they find it useful to hear the experiences of others carrying out CT examinations to benchmark against their own practice.”
Source and image credit: Siemens Healthcare 
Picture caption: Delegates from across the UK attended the Siemens CT user group to optimise CT working practice and share best practice.

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Imaging, Siemens, CT scans, clinical practice, clinicians, imaging techniques Clinicians from across the UK recently gathered in Winchester to attend a two-day CT user group hosted by Siemens Healthcare. Nine speakers from hospitals...