Sicuro Tera The New Intensive Care Bed From Stiegelmeyer

Sicuro Tera The New Intensive Care Bed From Stiegelmeyer
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The intensive care unit is one of the most challenging areas in the hospital and demands the very highest performance from doctors and nurses. In many hospitals, the situation has been further exacerbated by the corona pandemic. Any lightening of the load is welcome – and modern hospital beds, in particular, can contribute a great deal here. During the development of the new Sicuro tera intensive care bed, Stiegelmeyer talked to the people who will be working with it every day. Their wishes and requirements have been incorporated into many of the design details. The Sicuro tera is an intelligent, easy-to-operate bed with numerous attachment options for accessories. In tense situations it offers effective support.


For example, during anamnesis and therapy planning in the intensive care unit: Here it is important to quickly and accurately determine the relevant data of the patient, to determine the next steps and to position the patient according to his or her condition. Both tasks are particularly challenging when it comes to immobile patients. Here, the Sicuro tera assists the nursing staff. Its optional integrated scale determines the patient’s weight to the nearest 200 grams. Treatment can progress unhindered and the appropriate medication can be determined without any time-consuming weighing procedures or rough estimations.


Also, the lateral tilting capability of the Sicuro tera allows ideal positioning of the patient. Turning a patient in bed is one of the most strenuous and time-consuming tasks in the hospital – especially when numerous tubes and cables have to be attended to in the process. The strength and effort required here can be considerably reduced by laterally tilting the mattress base. Nursing staff can work in a more back-friendly and efficient way.


Often, more than a dozen medical devices are used at the same time to help monitor and care for the ICU patient. With standard sliding rails on almost all the load-bearing parts of the bed, the Sicuro tera allows ventilators, ECG devices, syringe pumps or monitors to be attached securely to the bed wherever they are needed.


The bed’s half-length Protega safety sides provide an ideal balance of protection and early mobilisation. The head-end elements move with the backrest when it is raised and thus offer additional safety. They contain a modern control panel on both sides, with adjustment functions for the patient and many practical pre-set functions for the staff. For effortless operation of the bed, there is also a foot switch, to which three freely selectable functions can be assigned – such as height adjustment and lateral tilting. This allows staff to operate the bed while keeping their hands free for nursing tasks.


The Protega plastic safety side can be operated with one hand and is based on the internationally preferred design for hospital beds. It is the only model of its kind that is also machine-washable. The entire Sicuro tera is designed for automatic reprocessing, as standard. The bed is thus a great ally in the fight against multi-resistant germs, and comes into its own in a pandemic, thanks to its safe, reliable and verifiable hygiene. The elimination of time-consuming manual cleaning also frees up staff and speeds up the reuse of the bed in the ICU. Stiegelmeyer’s machine-washable beds are particularly durable and can withstand up to ten times more washing cycles than required by the standard.


The Sicuro tera is a good investment for the future and will sustainably improve the quality of life in the intensive care unit.


Image 1: The Sicuro tera has standard sliding rails around almost all of its load-bearing parts so that medical equipment can be attached to the bed. Accessories can also be attached to the headboard, footboard and safety sides.

Image 2: The bed can be tilted laterally to help turn the patient and relieve the strain on nursing staff.

Image 3: Lack of movement can impair the lung function, in particular, of intensive care patients. Lateral tilting of the mattress base is a recognised means of improving oxygen supply.

Image 4: With its optional integrated scale, the Sicuro tera greatly assists with the patient anamnesis and helps ensure the correct treatment and medication

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Published on : Tue, 18 May 2021

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