Ventilation management is a critical aspect of patient care, and staying at the forefront of this discipline is paramount for healthcare professionals. Hamilton Medical recognizes this need for innovative training tools and is excited to introduce the VenTrainer app, which enables new training opportunities in the world of mechanical ventilation.

Hamilton Medical, a renowned name in the field of medical innovation, is proud to introduce its latest cutting-edge solution for healthcare professionals, the VenTrainer App. Specifically designed for clinicians working with mechanical ventilators in critical care and emergency medical services, the VenTrainer App promises a transformative approach to training and skills development.

The VenTrainer App provides an immersive and easily accessible learning experience. Users can explore Hamilton Medical's ventilators and their features through an interactive 360° animation, offering a comprehensive understanding of these life-saving devices.


Complete User Interface Simulation
The app replicates the entire ventilator user interface on mobile devices or computers, allowing clinicians to familiarize themselves with ventilator functions, graphics, alarm settings, parameters, and tools. Thanks to a physiologic patient model, users can monitor how their ventilation strategy impacts patient outcomes in real-time.

The adjustable patient model encompasses various lung conditions, including pre-configured patient scenarios like ARDS with recruitable properties. The app even supports ABG analysis to fine-tune ventilation strategies. By seeing direct outcomes from their decisions, healthcare professionals can develop and refine their skills and make informed decisions.


A free ventilator simulator in your pocket
The VenTrainer App offers healthcare professionals the unique opportunity to transform their mobile devices or computers into powerful ventilator simulators. By providing a complete user interface experience, clinicians can gain hands-on knowledge in a safe and controlled environment.

Available for free for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, the VenTrainer App is a cost-effective and easily accessible solution for professionals seeking to enhance their ventilation knowledge.

An ideal tool for Educators
For educators teaching mechanical ventilation, the VenTrainer App is a versatile tool to create an immersive and cost-effective learning environment. Students can enjoy hands-on experience, following along as educators demonstrate and explain ventilation techniques directly on their devices. No additional equipment is needed, making it a user-friendly solution for modern education.


With VenTrainer, Hamilton Medical continues to lead the way in innovation, providing healthcare professionals with a valuable resource to enhance their skills and contribute to improved patient care. VenTrainer is not just an app; it's a revolution in ventilation training.

For more information and to download the VenTrainer app, visit VenTrainer 


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Ventilation management,patient care,Hamilton Medical,mechanical ventilation, VenTrainer App Ventilation management is a critical aspect of patient care, and staying at the forefront of this discipline is paramount for healthcare professionals.