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Imaging the Critically Ill Patient: Echocardiography

2022 08 Dec

Current applications and limitations of critical care echocardiography in the critical care context and its use in guiding the care of the critically ill patient. Echocardiography in the ICU Echocardiography is currently considered an essential diagnostic tool at the disposal of the intensivist – a significant change from less than two decades... Read more

ICU Management

Surge Mechanical Ventilation During COVID-19

2022 09 Aug

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many hospitals in the U.S. exceeded their mechanical ventilation capability. As COVID-19 spread to communities with limited immunity, challenges associated with providing surge mechanical ventilation were reported. Hospitals, healthcare systems, and jurisdictional authorities purchased more ventilators. But the fear that the... Read more

ICU Management

Sex Differences in Treatment of ICU Patients

2022 24 May

Sex imbalance in the ICU has been consistently reported. Worldwide, fewer women are admitted to the ICU than men. Several studies have reported systematic differences in the treatment men and women receive in ICUs. Studies from Europe, North America, and Asia all show women are less likely to receive invasive mechanical ventilation than men. Studies... Read more

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VA-LRTI Infections in COVID-19

2022 19 Apr

COVID-19 continues to create a strain on healthcare systems around the world. Approximately 10-30% of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital need ICUs, and 15-20% of these patients require ventilatory support. The available data shows an increased risk of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and ventilator-associated lower respiratory tract infections... Read more

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Findings from the COVID-VENT Trial

2022 08 Mar

Many patients with COVID-19-associated acute respiratory failure fulfil the criteria of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and require invasive mechanical ventilation. Therefore, it is important to understand the features of gas exchange abnormalities, respiratory mechanics and lung recruitability in these patients to provide an appropriate... Read more

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Volume 22 - Issue 1, 2022

2022 17 Feb

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Post-hoc Analysis of the NONSEDA Trial

2022 25 Jan

In recent years, there has been an increase in awareness of minimising sedation in the ICU. Several benefits of avoiding heavy sedation have been reported in clinical studies, and clinical guidelines also encourage less sedation.   Findings from the NONSEDA trial were published in 2020. In this trial, 700 critically ill patients were randomised to... Read more

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Indirect Calorimetry in Mechanically Ventilated Patients to Assess Nutritional Targets

2021 23 Nov

An overview of the physiological aspects of indirect calorimetry, its limitations in use, the available literature and future prospects for tailored nutrition. Introduction Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) is an essential part of patient care in the intensive care unit (ICU) setting. Similar to mechanical ventilation and haemodynamic... Read more

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RAPID Trial: Therapeutic Heparin vs Prophylactic Heparin in COVID-19 Patients

2021 19 Oct

A study was conducted to evaluate the effects of therapeutic heparin compared with prophylactic heparin among moderately ill patients with COVID-19 admitted to the hospital.   Heparin has anticoagulant properties, anti-inflammatory effects and potential antiviral effects and may also improve endothelial function. Early initiation of therapeutic heparin... Read more

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Survival of Mechanically Ventilated COVID-19 Patients

2021 12 Oct

Approximately 14 to 17% of COVID-19 patients admitted to the hospital require transfer to the ICU. However, there is insufficient evidence regarding the long-term survival and predictive factors for mortality in patients with acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure due to COVID-19 and undergoing invasive mechanical ventilation.   A study was conducted... Read more