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The Austrian critical care ventilator TwinStream® ICU was designed with the explicit purpose of saving critically respiratory-distressed patients. In particular those patients with severe lung diseases (e.g. ARDS) who can no longer be supported with conventional ventilation. 

Its unique p-BLV® mode has become an established value in many Intensive Care Units in Austrian and German hospitals. And when severe multi-trauma patients are admitted the TwinStream® ICU often proves to be an effective last resort. 

Since the start of the pandemic the TwinStream® ICU has become an invaluable asset in the fight against Covid-19. Prof. Dr. Thomas Uhlig, Clinic director and head of the ICU at the Lüdenscheid Clinic, Germany, explains: 

Why is the TwinStream® ICU such an important asset in the fight against Covid-19? 

“We ventilate all Covid-19 patients which require intubation with the TwinStream® ICU first, until we see a clear improvement of the oxygenation, because p-BLV® is much more efficient at recruiting lung volumes than other ventilation methods.

Hypercapnia is another problem we are faced with after non-invasive ventilation. With p-BLV® we can kill two birds with one stone. Its combination of high-frequency ventilation (improved oxygenation) and low-frequency ventilation (efficient CO2 elimination) makes it our most effective ventilation method for this type of patients.” 

How long are Covid-19 patients usually ventilated by the TwinStream® ICU? 

“As soon as the PaO2/FiO2 ratio and airway pressures are again within a tolerable range, a conventional ventilator can take over. But if there is an acute deterioration, we ventilate with the TwinStream® ICU again. Our average patient is ventilated for around 14 days, of which on average around 5-7 days with the TwinStream® ICU.” 

How old are the Covid-19 patients which you have ventilated so far? 

“Since April we have ventilated Covid-19 patients between the ages of 20 and 85.”

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Published on : Tue, 5 Jan 2021

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