Top 10 Management Tips from Intensivists

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ICU Management profiles leading intensivists in its Zoom On series. As we head into 2015, we thank our subjects, and  look back at their top management tips. To read the full profile, simply click on the name.

Make everybody happy… and make sure they can take their responsibilities without excessive reliance on your opinion. Buddha said “Do not believe in what I said, but think about it…” I think it is a great principle. (Jean-Louis Vincent)

Team work: to make everyone happy, to perform excellent clinical, educational and research activities by using limited resources. (Paolo Pelosi)

Flat structure in the ICU. (Hans Flaatten)

 Hire talented people (if possible people that have more skills/talent than yourself) and then get out of their way. (Jan Bakker)

Education and training of professionals is the most important thing. The only thing a manager should do is to make it as easy as possible for the professional to do his/her work and to bother the professional as little as possible. (Armand Girbes)

Create a team and select the right people. (Rinaldo Bellomo)

Communicate, communicate, communicate. (Todd Dorman)

Do your best. (Daniel de Backer)

 Try to understand the drivers for decision-making in the people with whom you interact; the economists sometimes refer to these as “externals”. (Stephen Brett)

Doctors have a mistaken tendency to equate technical expertise with leadership. Leadership is influencing people to act in the manner required; management involves designing a sensible plan for people to follow. Organisations can be managed, but leadership is an interpersonal activity. In short – leadership doesn’t involve sitting at a desk designing plans or exercising technical skill; leaders harness the work of other people to actually do the job. (Michael Reade)

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Published on : Mon, 5 Jan 2015

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Management, intensive care ICU Management profiles leading intensivists in its Zoom On series. As we head into 2015, we thank our subjects, and look back at their top management tip

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