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ICU Management

2020 10 Nov

An ever-expanding array of applications have been developed for ultrasound, including its goal-directed use at the bedside, often called point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS). In Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and many other European and Asian countries, neonatologist-performed, targeted POCUS is now a routine practice in neonatal intensive... Read more

ICU Management

World Congress of Intensive & Critical Care 2021

2021 11 Sep

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ICU Management

68th Workshop Regional Anaesthesia

2020 21 Oct

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ICU Management

Doktrain Emergency Doctor's Course 2020

2020 17 Oct

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ICU Management

74th National Congress of the (SIAARTI) - ICARE 2020

2020 09 Oct

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IMAGING Management

WFUMB Congress 2021

2021 26 May

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ICU Management

e-ISICEM 2020

2020 15 Sep

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ICU Management

Adaptive Strategies for Intensive Care During the Spread of COVID-19: The Brussels Experience

2020 19 May

Structured interventions and bottom-up initiatives at a tertiary Intensive Care Unit in Brussels, Belgium . Introduction Optimisation of medical response to no-notice events has been an important focus of research in the field of disaster medicine (Debacker et al. 2016). However, evidence-driven development of medical response... Read more