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ICU Management

Barriers to Nurse-Led Pain Management in ICU

2022 09 Nov

Approximately 58% of patients in the ICU experience pain. Pain can lead to additional consequences, including delirium, decreased healing and adverse physiological and psychological outcomes. Hence, effective pain management is an integral component of a critical care nurse's role. Commonly used pain assessment tools depend on a patient's ability... Read more

ICU Management

2022 IAEM Annual Scientific Meeting

2022 20 Oct

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ICU Management

The ICU of the Future (Including AI and Robotization)

2022 11 Dec

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ICU Management

IWIN 2022

2022 24 Jun

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Sepsis Protocols Reduce Mortality in Resource-Restricted Settings

2022 10 Jun

Sepsis is a condition commonly encountered in critically ill patients. However, the management of sepsis varies globally and mainly depends on the availability of resources. Sepsis-related mortality tends to be higher in countries with limited resources.  In this study, the researchers summarise evidence regarding sepsis protocols and their compliances... Read more

ICU Management

Workshop Regional Anaesthesia 2022

2022 25 Aug

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ICU Management

SOA 2022 - State of the Art

2022 28 Jun

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ICU Management

The Getinge OR Days - Creating Value in Healthcare

2022 30 Mar

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