Newborn With Severe Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome Saved with Bellco’s “Carpediem” Machine

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The case in question is so exceptional that it has been defined as a “miracle” by leading nephrologists in the United States. A newborn with severe multiple organ dysfunction syndrome was saved at Vicenza’s San Bortolo hospital thanks to Carpediem machine made by Bellco. Carpediem is currently the only machine in the world able to provide safe and effective treatment for newborns and babies up to 10 kg suffering from acute kidney failure.

Only a few hours after a natural, full term birth at Vicenza’s San Bortolo hospital, the newborn needed to be reanimated and put on life support due to acute respiratory and renal failure. A multidisciplinary team formed by doctors and nurses from the departments of Nephrology, Dialysis and Renal Transplants, Paediatrics and Paediatric Surgery at Vicenza hospital provided the life-saving treatment.

The team immediately decided to use the Bellco’s Carpediem (Cardio Paediatric Dialysis Emergency Machine). This machine has only recently become available, after a thorough development process. 100% owned by Bellco, it is the result of a superb, all-Italian collaboration with IRRIV (International Renal Research Institute of Vicenza), the research section of the department of Nephrology of Vicenza, and the support from the charity AARVI (Amici del Rene di Vicenza).

The baby began responding to treatment within the first 24 hours. The “miracle” occurred a few days later. First, the newborn's liver began to function normally, then the condition of his kidneys began to improve. As a result, the baby was taken off life support and resumed normal breathing. Teamwork between the staff of Vicenza hospital’s and Bellco personnel saved the baby’s life.

“We worked day and night to save this baby,“ explained Professor Claudio Ronco, Director of Vicenza hospital’s Nephrology Department. “We were the first to believe in the need for a machine of this kind and everybody in our department worked closely with Bellco throughout the project. This machine is now the envy of doctors in Europe and around the world.”

“We followed the case history of this baby closely and with great interest. We were so proud when we heard that his condition was improving”, added Dr. Carlo Medici, CEO of Bellco. “The Carpediem is a great example of synergy leading to all-Italian excellence in medical devices. Bellco is convinced that this machine represents an excellent opportunity for its development on international markets, as it is currently the only one in the world able to treat acute kidney failure in newborn babies.”

Source: Bellco

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Published on : Thu, 17 Oct 2013

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kidney failure, Bellco The case in question is so exceptional that it has been defined as a “miracle” by leading nephrologists in the United States. A newborn with severe mul

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