Annual Dialysis Conference 2014: NxStage Medical Launches NxStage Plus One

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Leading home dialysis company announces new patient outreach campaign aimed at increasing awareness of home hemodialysis among ESRD patients

NxStage Medical Inc., a leading manufacturer of innovative dialysis products, has announced from the Annual Dialysis Conference (ADC) in Atlanta, Georgia the introduction of a new patient outreach campaign, NxStage Plus One. 

This campaign aims to increase awareness of home hemodialysis with the NxStage System One through a series of activities and events focused on encouraging NxStage patients to share their experiences with other end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. 
The campaign is designed to bring existing and potential ESRD patients together, based on the premise that one-to-one communication is the most compelling way to learn about the benefits of home hemodialysis and support one another in coping with their chronic disease. 

NxStage Plus One aims to empower thousands of the Company's patients to share their stories with at least one other ESRD patient in the hopes of increasing awareness for home hemodialysis and access to the life-changing benefits possible with this therapy. According to a recent study on patient dialysis experience by Anna E. Winterbottom from the Leeds Institute for Health Sciences, "information presented in the first person (e.g. the patient's account) was more than twice as likely to influence other people's choices than information presented in the third person (e.g. the doctor talking about the patient's experience)." NxStage Plus One aims to deliver emotionally-charged success stories from home hemodialysor to potential home hemodialysor, and increase access to and knowledge of home hemodialysis treatment availability.

"Over the years we have consistently been impressed by the incredible success of patient-to-patient communication and how it continually advocates for and improves access to home hemodialysis therapy," said Joseph E. Turk, Jr., president of NxStage Medical, Inc. "With NxStage Plus One we will facilitate these discussions to help patients choose the best treatment option for their health and lifestyle requirements."

NxStage held its first educational program and regional support group at the ADC meeting, bringing together existing and potential patients in Atlanta to explore the opportunities and benefits a lifestyle with home hemodialysis has to offer. The nationwide rollout of the complete NxStage Plus One program will take place during National Kidney Month in March 2014.

Source: NxStage

11 February 2014

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Published on : Tue, 11 Feb 2014

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