Healthy Brands for Life Introduces New ActivCleanse Technology in Wound Cleanser and Patient Bathing

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Cleanse Care Advanced Formula Skin Care System, now with ActivCleanse, enhances the cleaning capability of the product, providing an even more advanced skin and wound cleaning solution for patients.

Critical care patients are the hospitals' most vulnerable patients and due to the severity of their illness, these patients are more susceptible to hospital acquired infections (HAIs). According to the World Health Organization, 30% of intensive care unit (ICU) patients will be affected by an HAI. Properly bathing ICU patients is an important component of reducing these HAIs and a new advanced skin cleansing system, Cleanse Care, can help reduce these dangerous infections.

Cleanse Care Advanced Formula Skin Care System was created by a trauma surgeon as an alternative to traditional patient bathing and skin cleaning methods. When a patient’s skin is broken or open due to abrasions, surgery sites or burns, it is more vulnerable to infection.

Properly cleaning the intact or broken skin, while avoiding further injury or infection to the area, is imperative. The Cleanse Care formula utilizes a patent –pending technology called ActivCleanse, an advanced cleaning technology that not only cleans the surface of the skin, but also opens up the skin’s pores and hair follicles where bacteria and contaminants typically settle, allowing the specialized cleaning agents to remove these harmful particles and leave a clean, refreshed feeling for patients. In addition, the Cleanse Care formula provides increased efficacy and duration of action over other self-contained formulas currently available to health care providers or basin bathing.

Hospitals have long used basin bathing as the standard of care for patient cleansing. However, recent studies have shown significant risk associated with this practice. “The basins themselves are a breeding ground for bacteria,” says Roger Huckfeldt, MD and inventor of Cleanse Care. “Cleaning a patient with a sponge or cloth dipped in a contaminated basin is more likely to harm the patient by spreading the bacteria rather than removing it.”

The eight-pack Cleanse Care Waterless Bathing System is designed to replace basin baths in ICUs, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities or anywhere patients are not able to take a traditional bath or shower. The durable, pre-moistened cloths provide effective skin hygiene for the entire body, and because Cleanse Care cloths are disposable, there is less risk of spreading bacteria. “Patient bathing is an important part of the care process and provides the best means for skin healing,” says Huckfeldt.

Cleanse Care‘s Wound Cleansers utilize the same ActivCleanse technology as the bathing system, allowing the gentle cleanser to remove wound debris, bacteria, and harmful particles from open wounds without disrupting or irritating surrounding healthy skin and tissue. The Cleanse Care Wound Cleanser is available in four oz, eight oz, and 32 oz units.

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Published on : Wed, 1 May 2013

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Cleanse Care Advanced Formula Skin Care System, now with ActivCleanse, enhances the cleaning capability of the product, providing an even more advanced ski

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