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By focusing exclusively in the field of ventilation, HAMILTON MEDICAL has become specialized in advanced ventilation solutions, designated as Intelligent Ventilation. In intensive care, sub-acute care and even in emergency transport situations, more than high-end technical performance is needed and HAMILTON MEDICAL is perfectly positioned to respond to all ventilation demands.

Clinicians are asking for ventilation systems that deliver clinical excellence as well as value and efficiency, reducing clinical and management overhead as well as the overall cost of ownership.


Ease of use

Inadequate orientation/training and communication breakdown between staff are by far the most significant causes of deaths or injuries related to ventilation. The Ventilation Cockpit, unique to HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilator systems, plays a crucial role in simplifying ventilator operation and the interpretation of monitored data. It offers more than just curves, numbers and more numbers. It offers visualization of complex information in an intuitive way and guides the clinician when making decisions.


Improved patient outcome

Since 2009, HAMILTON MEDICAL has supported the 2009 Vienna Declaration of the ESICM executive committee stressing the importance of quality and safety for patient care. The declaration pledge is to do whatever is necessary to provide a safe ICU environment and to design safer and more efficient devices. HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators are designed to achieve best patient compliance with the applied ventilation therapy. Optimal synchronization of breath delivery with the patient’s efforts supports early and weak patient activities. Monitoring and alarms are adapted to the challenges of non-invasive ventilation.

HAMILTON MEDICAL has also developed IntelliCuff, a non-invasive automatic cuff pressure controller. IntelliCuff assists the clinician’s efforts to reduce VAP and tracheal injuries by continuously monitoring and automatically adjusting cuffed tracheal and tracheostomy tubes, providing a real-time optimization of cuff pressure. IntelliCuff increases staff efficiency by eliminating daily multiple manual adjustments of cuff pressure and increases safety by limiting the chance of human error.


Efficiency through innovation

Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) is a closed-loop ventilation mode ventilating all patients from intubation to extubation. It continuously assesses patient conditions and adapts to the patient’s breathing. ASV helps reduce the burden of routine tasks in mechanical ventilation, causes fewer alarms and requires less user interactions. ASV is standard on all HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilators and available only from HAMILTON MEDICAL.
With IntelliVent ASV, available for the HAMILTON-S1 and the HAMILTON-G5, HAMILTON MEDICAL takes ASV a step further and provides the first fully closed loop ventilation mode. In addition to lung mechanics, it takes capnography and pulse oximetry into consideration and guarantees the most effective lung clearance and oxygenation throughout the ventilation therapy.

The newest member of the HAMILTON MEDICAL ventilator line is the HAMILTON-MR1. The HAMILTON-MR1 is a full featured ICU ventilator providing respiratory support to the adult and pediatric critical care patient in the direct vicinity of an MRI. With its compact design and built in turbine, the HAMILTON-MR1 provides maximum flexibility to accompany your patient from the ICU to the MRI. The integrated gauss meter – TeslaSpy - helps navigate through the magnetic field and allows positioning the ventilator safely. The HAMILTON-MR1 is perfectly shielded to withstand a magnetic field of 50mT, corresponding to a distance of less than 1m from a 3T MRI scanner. The patient is optimally synchronized and the work of breathing minimized. The full featured HAMILTONMR1 supplies all advanced modes of ventilation and offers outstanding non-invasive performance. HAMILTON MEDICAL’s patient oriented Adaptive Support Ventilation (ASV) as well as the Ventilation Cockipt supports the clinician to achieve optimal patient care throughout the MRI procedure.


Commitment for Intelligent Ventilation

Swiss based Hamilton Medical was founded in 1983 to improve the lives of ventilated patients and simplify operation of ventilator systems for the clinician. Today, Hamilton Medical continues this tradition of innovative ventilation therapy for intensive care with a special commitment to Intelligent Ventilation, for which they have become well known specialists and an industry leader in intensive care ventilators for patients ranging from adults to neonates. This privately owned company produces these sophisticated precision instruments exclusively at their green manufacturing facility in Bonaduz – Made in Switzerland. The high reliability of products and services are ensured by direct sales networks as well as a worldwide group of select distribution partners on all continents.


To find out more please visit Hamilton Medical at ESICM 2012 Lisbon, booth no. 23 or visit http://www.hamilton-medical.com.


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Published on : Tue, 25 Sep 2012

By focusing exclusively in the field of ventilation, HAMILTON MEDICAL has become specialized in advanced ventilation solutions, designated as Intelligent...

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