ICU Management & Practice, Volume 21 - Issue 6, 2021

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Volume 21, Issue 1 1-60

Volume 21, Issue 2 61-116 

Volume 21, Issue 3 117-168

Volume 21, Issue 4 169-202

Volume 21, Issue 5 203-249

Volume 21, Issue 6 250-302

Subject index

Airway Management

Karamchandani K, Khanna AK, Myatra SN. Airway Management in Critically Ill Patients – Striving to Improve Outcomes. 21(3):152-156.


Khanna AK, Mathur P, Cywinski J, Maheswari K. Cardiorespiratory Compromise in the Perioperative Environment Predict- ion, Quality, Analytics & AI. 21(1):46-51.


Begos D. If It’s Good for Calcium Why Not Magnesium? Reasons to Measure iMg in the ICU. 21(2):76.

Begos D. The Importance of Accurate Glucose Monitoring in Critically Ill Patients. 21(6): 266-267.

Evidence-Based Management of Atrial Fibrillation, 21(1):18-19.

Fortin J. While Perioperative Care is Optimised, Patients Die Unmonitored in the Ward! 21(2):83.

Gladwin B, Young P. Methylene Blue for Vasoplegic Syndrome Post Cardiac Surgery. 21(5):248-249.

Management of Acute Arrhythmias in Patients With Cardiac Dysfunction - Update of ESC Guidelines. 21(4):218-219.


Allen J, Rossano G, McRae J. Mouth Care Challenges and the Use of the COVID-19 Oral Grading
System. 21(1):52-60.

Cerf C, Wøien PA. A French Hospital’s Journey Through the Pandemic, 21(1):24-25.

Siddiqui S, Hayes MM, Sarge T. Should Families Be Allowed To Visit Dying COVID-19 Patients in the ICU? 21(4):198-201.

Gender and Diversity

Bruno RR, Wernly B, Guidet B, Flaaten H, Artigas A, Jung C. Male Sex - An Indepen-dent Risk Factor for Mortality in Very Old Intensive Care Patients With Respiratory Failure. 21(4):176-180.

Einav S, Bouthors A-S. Sex, Lies and COVID-19. 21(4):186-188.

Lopez A, Lakbar I, Leone M. Sex in the Intensive Care. 21(4):190-191.

Myatra SN, Rubulotta F. Working in the Pandemic and Preserving Diversity. 21(4): 182-184.

Rubulotta F, Artigas A. Diversity and Equality During COVID-19: The World Series. 21(4):174-

Siddiqui S. Women in Critical Care. 21(4):192-193.

Vincent JL. Gender in the ICU. 21(4):169.


Metaxa V, Pirani T, Singh N, Saha R. CAR-T Cell Therapy – What An Intensivist Should Know. 21(6):288-291.

Nacul FE, Torre VD, Bhowmick K. Anaemia in the Critically Ill: What is the Majo Culprit? 21(6):262-264.

Samama CM. Reversal of Direct Oral Anticoagulants. 21(6):258-260.

Spring J, Munshi L. Emergencies in Malignant Haematology for the Intensivist. 21(6):279-286.

Vincent JL. Clinical Haematology. 21(6):251.

Zamarrón-López EI, Pérez-Nieto OR, Miño-Bernal J, Deloya-Tomas E, Morgado- Villaseñor LA, Porres-Aguilar M. Management of Pulmonary Embolism in the Intensive Care Unit. 21(6):269-277.

Informatics and Technology Herasevich V, Clain JM, Pickering BW. How the Pandemic Changed Telemedicine. 21(1):32-35.

Martin L, Peine A, Marx G, Bickenbach J. Rethinking Critical Care - Use and Chal-lenges of Artificial Intelligence. 21(1):38:40.


Aarab Y, De Jong A, Jaber S. Diaphragm Ultra-sonography in ICU: Why, How, and When to Use It? 21(3):162-166.

Ntuomenopoulos G, Le Neindre A. Intensive Care Physiotherapists Should be Using Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS). 21(2):107:111.


De Jong A, Monet C, Jaber S. Apnoeic Oxygen- ation for Intubation - Where is the Evidence? 21(3):138-140.

De Jong A, Aarab Y, Jaber S. Is Videolaryngoscopy the New Gold Standard for Intubation Following the COVID-19 Crisis? 21(1):20-23.

Mendes PV, Besen BP, de Azevedo LP. Safer Intubation Practices in Critically Ill Patients – What We Learned During the COVID-19 Pandemic That Should Not Be Forgotten. 21(5):240-246.

Russotto V, Myatra SN, Leffey J, Bellani G. Major Adverse Peri-intubation Events in Critically Ill Patients – Update on the INTUBE Study. 21(3):142-143.

Management and Leadership

Michalsen A, Rusinová K. Prioritisation: A Physi-cians’ Problem? 21(1):26-28.

Ramos FJD, Pacheco ED, Freitas FGR, Salluh JIF, Machado FR. Top Five Priorities for a New ICU Director During the First Year. 21(2):113-116.

Vincent JL. 20 Lessons from 2020. 21(1):1.

Vincent JL, Juffermans NP. Twenty Lessons from 2020: With a Focus on the ICU Perspec-tive. 21(1):14-16.

Mechanical Ventilation

Chan Y. “Help! My Patient Has Duchenn Muscular Dystrophy". Handling a chronic ventilator user. 21(4):195-196.

Pérez-Nieto OR, Zamarron-Lopez EI, Meade-Aguilar JA, Gómez-González A, Martinez-Camacho MA, Deloya-Tomás E. Practical Strategies in Mechanical Ventilation for Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure Due to COVID-19. 21(3):148-150.

Telias I. Mitigating the Risk of Harm During the Transition From Controlled to Assisted Mechanical Ventilation. 21(5):212-213.

Uhlig T. How To Ventilate COVID-19 Patients? 21(1):36-37.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Darbyshire J. ICU is a Team Sport. 21(2):91-92.

Hawryluck L, Styra R. ICU Mental Health in the Ongoing Pandemic: How Will We Be Okay? 21(2):78-82.

Jones-Baro RA, Martinez-Camacho MA, Morales-Hernandez D, Gómez González A, Gallardo-Astorga PC, Perez-Nieto OR. The Essentials for a Humanised Intensive Care Unit (H-ICU). 21(2):84-90.

Siddiqui S, Hayes MM, Sullivan AM, Lisbon A, Banner-Goodspeed V, Sarge T. Compassion and Humanism in the ICU – A Clinical Study. 21(2):93-105.

Vincent JL. Wellbeing in the ICU. 21(2):61

Vincent JL. 12 Things to Do to Improve Wellbeing in the ICU. 21(2):66-68.


Guitart C, Jordan I, Esteban E. Microbiome and Pneumonia in Children. 21(5):221-224.

Klingensmith NJ, Coopersmith CM. The Intestinal Microbiome in Critical Illness. 21(5):214-217.

Longhitano Y, Zanza C, Romenskaya T, Rello J, Rubulotta F. Microbiome & Probiotics: Do They Really Work? 21(5):226-227.

Olvera-Ramos MG, Castillo-Gutiérrez G, Bautista-Aguilar GA, Deloya-Tomas E, Zamarron-Lopez EI, Pérez-Nieto OR. Clostridioides difficile Infection: A Serious Complication of Intestinal Microbiome Alteration in Critical Patients. 21(5):229-234.

Vincent JL. Microbiome in Critical Illness. 21(5):203.


Bolaños-Toscano VA, Martínez-Vázquez SE, Kammar-García A, Fernández-Urrutia LA, Mancilla-Galindo J. The Role of the Microbiome and Nutritional Therapy in Critical COVID-19. 21(5):236-239.

De Waele E, Van Zanten A, Wischmeyer P. Nutrition Management of COVID-19 Patients in the ICU and Post-ICU. 21(1):29-31.

Pardo E, Constantin J-M. Indirect Calorimetry in Mechanically Ventilated Patients to Assess Nutritional Targets. 21(6):297-300.

Preiser J-C, Chapple L-A, Ridley E. Nutrtional Care For Patients With COVID-19 Requiring Intensive Care. 21(6):292-295.


Ferrari S, Isirdi A, Taddei E, Corradi F, Forfori F. Oxygen Therapy in COVID-19 Patients: The Role of HFNC and CPAP. 21(3):134-137.

Grensemann J, Sakka SG. Oxygen Therapy in Intensive Care Medicine. 21(3):122-125.

Michard F. New Applications of Pulse Oximetry. 21(3):144-147.

Pastene B, Leone M. Oxygen: Too Much is Bad. 21(3):130-132.

Poole J. Hyperoxia – A Journey to the Centre of the Cell. 21(3):158-160.

Vincent JL. Oxygen Therapy. 21(3):117

Prone Position

Perez-Nieto OR, Zamarron-Lopez EI, Soriano- Orozco R, Guerrero-Gutierrez MA, Sanchez- Dias JS, Deloya-Tomas E. Prone Position in Awake, Non-Intubated Patients with ARDS: From Physiology to the Bedside. 21(1):42-45.


Jung B. How Should We Manage Sedation in Critically-Ill COVID-19 Patients? 21(1):Suppl 9 11.

Maggiore SM, Jung B, Ranieri VM. Sedation in Critically-Ill COVID-19 Patients. 21(1):Suppl 6-12.

Maggiore SM. Why Do We Need Sedation in Critically-Ill COVID-19 Patients? 21(1):Suppl 6-8.


Forfori F, Ferrari S, Isirdi A, Corradi F. Micro biome in Sepsis and COVID-19. 21(5):208- 210.

Ibarz M, Artigas A. The Challenge of Admitting a Very Old Patient with Sepsis to an Intensive Care Unit. 21(2):70-75.

Jentzer JC, Van Zanten A. Vasopresso Manage-ment in Septic Shock: General Overview and Personalised Approaches. 21(3):126- 128.

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