ICU Management & Practice, Volume 18 - Issue 4, 2018

Dr. Theodoros Kyprianou joins Editorial Board

ICU Management & Practice is delighted to announce that Dr. Theodoros Kyprianou, MD, PhD, EDIC, has joined the Editorial Board. Dr. Kyprianou will be Section Editor for the new Informatics & Technology section in the journal, starting in 2019.


Dr. Kyprianou is a consultant physician in Respiratory & Intensive Care Medicine, practising in Cyprus and the UK. He holds the post of Associate Professor at St George’s University of London 4-year MBBS Programme, delivered at the Medical School, University of Nicosia since 2013. He was the founding Head of the Department of Intensive Care at Nicosia General Hospital in Cyprus (2006-2018).


He has a long-standing interest in the applications of informatics in medicine and in intensive care medicine in particular. He coordinates the MSc Applied Health Informatics & Telemedicine distance learning programme at the Open University of Cyprus and served as Chair (2015-2017) of the Technology Assessment & Health Informatics Working Group and as deputy chair of the e-Learning Committee (2016-2018) at the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine. His research interests focus on ICU ehealth, bio-signals and big data analytics. He is currently a member of the standing programme committee of EU HORIZON 2020 (SC1-Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing) based in Brussels.


Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent, Editor-in-Chief, said: “Technology is vital to the ICU, and we want to examine and consider the benefits and challenges of this rapidly changing area. We welcome Dr. Kyprianou’s experience and expertise and look forward to bringing this new section to our readers.”


ICU Management & Practice launches Informatics & Technology section

As informatics & technology advances invade health professionals' clinical routine, especially in intensive care medicine, practical advice and clear reviews are needed on topics such as artificial intelligence, big data, clinical information and decision support systems, closed-loop automations and so on. Submissions and ideas for the new section are welcome, and should be sent to the managing editor in the first instance -

[email protected].

«« AKI: long-term impact on mortality and renal function

Vancomycin pharmacokinetics in critically ill obese patients »»

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editorial board, ICU Management & Practise ICU Management & Practice is delighted to announce that Dr. Theodoros Kyprianou, MD, PhD, EDIC, has joined the Editorial Board. Dr. Kyprianou will be...

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