“The primary reason for doing workforce planning is Economics. If done well, workforce planning will increase productivity, cut labour costs, and dramatically cut time-to-market because you’ll have the right number of people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time.” (Sullivan J 2002)


In HealthCare, the perfect storm is brewing; less resources available with a greater demand. Specifically,


  • An ageing population and an ageing health workforce
  • An increased demand for health services.
  • Higher numbers of people requiring complex and long-term care.

The following are some of the compelling reasons why you should attend HealthCare WorkforcePlanning Summit 2017

  • Listen to Case Studies from world-renowned managers and clinicians of how to Plan, Retain and Recruit your future workforce.
  • Strategies outlined for the empowerment of Patients.
  • How to use Big Data to achieve your workforce planning.
  • Regular networking opportunities to exchange ideas, knowledge and best practices. It is also a great opportunity to build new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Presentations on EU policy, Clinical Leadership and Digital skills


“Planning works because it forces everyone to begin looking toward the future, and prevents surprises. It requires managers to plan ahead and to consider all eventualities. Effective workforce planning is an integrated talent-management system..” (Sullivan J 2002)


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