The company announces a new brand position and corporate identity consistent with providing hospitals with connectivity between transport and pharmacy automation solutions leading to better patient outcomes. 

Buchs, Switzerland (19 November 2019) – Swisslog Healthcare, a leading global supplier of solutions for medication management in healthcare environments, announces a new corporate identity and brand position. The new logo mark and creative appearance symbolise an evolution of the company’s business strategy actively unfolding over the past two years. 

“Our company is building on our core strength in transport automation to transform workflows and how healthcare is delivered. We’re embracing an opportunity to manage the full medication management supply chain by providing chain of custody and inventory management solutions,” states Swisslog Healthcare CEO Stephan Sonderegger. “We’ll manage deliveries and medication dispenses to create enhanced value for our customers through an integrated and holistic solutions suite, including powerful software and insight-building analytics. Our suite will increase medication access, provide inventory transparency and ensure medication security.” 

Healthcare institutions deploying Swisslog Healthcare solutions will save money, gain valuable staff time, and speed up turn-around times leading to higher response rates for delivering treatment.  Skilled clinicians and healthcare professionals can focus on higher-value tasks and direct patient care, while Swisslog Healthcare facilitates the processes of care delivery. 

Innovative solutions are needed to help facility administrators reduce costs and improve patient and skilled staff experiences, ensure higher degrees of patient safety and increase medication adherence. “We can help providers improve quality measures and prepare for the rise in demand across the continuum of care. Integrating automation, services, software and analytics into a complete Medication Management suite increases medication visibility and provides administrators insight into valuable informatics,” explains Sonderegger. 

Swisslog Healthcare has a 104-year-old rich history of growth and advancement to serve customers with excellence. 

In recognition of a dedicated focus on serving the healthcare market, the Swisslog name was appended in 2017 to become Swisslog Healthcare. 

In recent years the company made important investments, including the acquisition of the pharmacy automation companies Tecnilab, operating in the Community Pharmacy market, and Talyst Systems, operating in the Long-Term Care market, and strategic partnerships with the cloud-based medication management software and clinical telepharmacy services provider PipelineRx and autonomous service robotics provider Savioke. In September 2019 the company also announced the strategic partnership with Pharmony, to provide cloud-based medication management services to community pharmacies. 

Customers and partners are invited to experience the new brand brought to life with the new Swisslog Healthcare logo and design work, including a new website.


About Swisslog Healthcare 

Swisslog Healthcare provides integrated medication supply chain solutions to hospitals and health systems to assist providers treat patients across the continuum of care. Integrating transport and pharmacy automation, value-added services, and intelligent software, Swisslog Healthcare enables healthcare providers to respond to patient’s needs quickly and with greater accuracy. The company minimises many sources of operational waste, so providers achieve higher levels of productivity to impact the well-being of patients in positive ways. For more information, visit 

Swisslog Healthcare is a member of the KUKA Group, a leading global supplier of intelligent automation solutions. For more information, visit 


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