Innovation Speech and Top Tweets at EAHM 2019, Ghent!

Speech and Tweets at EAHM 2019, Ghent!
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The 28th Congress of the European Association for Hospital Managers took place on 11 - 14 September 2019.

The congress addressed 6 themes which were Big Data & Digital Health; Finance & Health Economics; Smart Buildings & Logistics; Health Management, Governance & Ethics; Innovation & Technology; and Healing Architecture supported by 6 hospitals to demonstrate Innovative Healthcare Strategies.

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During the Official Inauguration at the Meet & Greet Centre, keynote speaker Prof. Dr Eric Mortier spoke briefly on what he thought Innovation HealthCare meant to the healthcare industry followed by some tweets of other participants who attended the congress. 

It may seem like a silly question to ask, but why do we need innovation in Healthcare? I think there are two primary reasons why we need it:

  •  Firstly, we have continuing challenges in our societies. There are substantial demographic changes, and the elderly population now has a lot more mobility than it had previously. This adds to the enormous and increasing economic burden within the healthcare system. Therefore, I think we have a challenging future even if we do not include climate change, which, we know, poses some worrying issues.

  • Secondly, there is the development of science that offers excellent opportunities, but also generates more unsolved problems and raises even more questions. New and emerging Molecular and Synthetic Biology, Big Data, Data Mining, Risk Prediction, Artificial Intelligence. Robotics, and so much more. These are the themes and topics that we have to address as hospital managers. We have to be able to facilitate and support the people who will solve all these challenges. In my mind, this is the primary purpose of this congress.

It has been previously mentioned, but this congress will be challenging logistically. This is the future of the network. Our efforts over the next couple of days will demonstrate the advantages of the network, and I heartily welcome you to visit and experience as much as possible in our country. I genuinely believe that it can serve as a model for the future where collaboration is preferred instead of competition.”

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Top Tweets!

EstherPeelen @EstherPeelen

 Very inspiring talk by Dr. Soh, CEO of Tan Tock Seng hospital in Singapore. We as a small country need to reinvent ourselves to stay relevant to the world. From sick care to prevention #eahm2019


Sam Ward @dr_wardsam 

Dr Soh “Shifting from value driven care episodes to team-based care relationships” #eahm2019

i~HD @iHD_HealthData

 Paul Stoffels #jnj @#EAHM2019 "Data has the same impact as a new drug. So let''s give data the value it deserves" #datasaveslives @ehealthmgmt

"Transparency is key to accelerate best outcomes, improve reputation, patient and talents attractiveness" Prof. Dr. Gregory Katz of @u_psud #EAHM2019

Dave Allegaert @daveallegaert

 73 days! In 2020 medical knowledge will double itself every... 73 days! #eahm2019


Eric Mortier, CEO UGENT @ #EAHM2019 "Big data, data mining and risk prediction are challenges hospital managers have to address" This highlights the importance of working with good quality data.

Pedro Facon @PedroFacon

Replying to @AbdhBvzd

Thanks for giving the opportunity to share just a few quick thoughts on the challenges ahead for our healthcare and hospital system. As dr. Stoffels said during his inspiring speech: “It can be done!” Congrats with the great initiative and good luck to all! #eahm2019

Dominique Vandijck @VandijckD

Challenges in healthcare have been of all times. So if want to innovate, we will have to differentiate and redesign models, and within an appropriate time frame! Clear message ⁦@PedroFacon @be_gezondheid @AbdhBvzd #eahm2019

Wissam Bou Sleiman @DocWissam

“To innovate you have to differentiate” @PedroFacon @AbdhBvzd #EAHM2019 #Ghent

Kevin Meerschaert @kmeersch

Responsible #ai - it's all about integrity and trust #eahm2019 @azgroeninge @Microsoftbe #innereye


EAHM 2020

As the 2019 congress comes to a close, preparations are already underway for the 29th Congress of the European Association of Hospital Managers. From 30 Sep-2 Oct 2020, delegates can expect a focus on three main areas:

  • lnnovative, Virtual, Smart – Future Technologies
  • Hospitals Go Green
  • Doctor Who – New Roles in Health Care

See you in Budapest!


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Published on : Sun, 22 Sep 2019

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