Arab Health Congress: 14 Conferences to Visit

Arab Health Congress: 14 Different Conferences to Visit
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Arab Health is to take place in Dubai (Dubai World Trade Centre and Conrad Dubai) on 27–30 January, 2020. This is the MENA region’s largest professional healthcare event, which this year will host 55,000+ attendees and 4,250+ exhibiting companies from 159 countries.

Part of the event is the 45th edition of Arab Health Congress, which will host 14 conferences, meet over 400 international and regional medical experts and network with 5,200+ peers.

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Four-Day Conferences (27–30 January 2020)

Total Radiology (link)

Surgery (link)

Orthopaedics (link)

Obs & Gyne (link)

Two-Day Conferences (27–28 January 2020)

Midwifery (link)

GI Endoscopy (link)

Emergency Medicine (link)

Patient Experience (link)

Primary Care (link)

Two-Day Conferences (29–30 January 2020)

Anaesthesia & Pain Management (link)

Diabetes (link)

Healthcare Investment Forum (link)

Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine (link)

Quality Management (link)


You can find more information about the events and register for participation here.

20th Total Radiology – Medical Imaging and Diagnostics Conference

For radiologists, radiographers, technologists/technicians, sonography specialists and radiology nurses.

Key topics:

  • Leadership lectures to improve radiology practice management
  • AI and machine learning in radiology
  • Paediatric imaging
  • Breast imaging
  • Innovation in imaging technology

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19th Surgery Conference

For general/consultant surgeons, specialist laparoscopic/bariatric, metabolic/obesity: GI (upper/lower), trauma, thoracic, heads of department/surgery and others.

Key topics:

  • Special patient groups, revision and complications of bariatric and metabolic surgery
  • Oncoplastic, reconstructive and breast surgery symposium
  • Updates in GI oncology surgery
  • Updates in pancreatic and biliary surgery

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16th Orthopaedics Conference

For orthopaedic surgeons/consultants/specialists, head of orthopaedics, orthopaedists, sports medicine physicians and others.

Key topics:

  • Hip pain
  • Robotics in total knee replacement
  • Spine flags
  • RCTs lesions & management
  • Shoulder Impingement
  • Hand swelling
  • PRP from A to Z

Find out more.

12th Obs & Gyne Conference

For gynaecologists & obstetricians/ob-gyn, ob-gyn specialists/consultants/heads, general practitioners and family medicine physicians.

Key topics:

  • Abnormally invasive placenta - diagnosis and management
  • HRT and contraception in women with pre-existing medical conditions
  • Hysteroscopic management of intracavity fibroids
  • Hyperemesis in pregnancy
  • Bariatric surgery and reproductive health
  • Congenital infections
  • Non-surgical management of urinary incontinence
  • Foetal growth restriction – what’s new?
  • Management of Mullerian anomalies
  • 3D ultrasound imaging in Gynaecology

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Midwifery Conference

For midwives and maternity nurses, obstetrics and gynaecology nurses, nurses, neonatologists and others.

Key topics:

  • Waterbirth – the UAE experience
  • Panel discussion: Women’s decision-making on birth – beneficial or detrimental?
  • Do big babies always mean birthing complications?
  • Perinatal mental health
  • Midwifery Research – Where do I begin?
  • Panel discussion: Sensitive issues in Midwifery

Find out more.

GI Endoscopy Conference

For consultants, specialist gastroenterologists and GI endoscopy specialists, hepatologists, GI Surgeons and others.

Key topics:

  • Bariatrics and endoscopy
  • Hot topics and trending technology in endoscopy
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Interdisciplinary learning on anaesthesia for endoscopy
  • Hands-on training for new endoscopic techniques

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4th Emergency Medicine Conference

For emergency physicians/consultants, heads/chiefs of emergency department/paramedics/critical care/ICU, allied healthcare professionals and others.

Key topics:

  • Prehospital Care
  • Administration
  • Critical Care
  • Respirology
  • Psychiatric emergencies
  • Controversial debates in EM
  • Disaster preparedness

Find out more.

Patient Experience Conference

The event would interest patient experience managers/officers/directors/etc., quality and safety managers/operations managers, heads of departments/CEOs/COOs and others.

Key topics:

  • Enhancing the patient experience to drive change in healthcare
  • Latest updates in patient-centred care
  • Patient journey mapping
  • Design thinking
  • Employee engagement
  • Value based and patient-centred care

Find out more.

Primary Care Conference

For general practitioners & physicians, primary care physicians, general internists and others.

Key topics:

  • Mental health in primary care
  • Geriatric Medicine in primary care
  • Skin disorders in primary care
  • Nutrition and obesity
  • Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension in primary care
  • Detecting cancer in primary care

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Anaesthesia & Pain Management Conference

For chief/head/consultant anaesthesiologists/anaesthetists, allied healthcare professionals – anaesthesia technicians/ nurses (anaesthetists), critical care/ICU nurses and residents, and others.

Key topics:

  • Enhancing safety in current in anaesthesia practice
  • Patient safety & anaesthesia in the elderly
  • Organ transplantation
  • ERAS – Enhanced Recovery After Surgery
  • Pain in pregnancy and the paediatric population
  • ‘The Opioid Epidemic’
  • Contemporary chronic pain management and best practice
  • Pain and the psyche  

Find out more.

6th Diabetes Conference

For GPs, family physicians, internists, diabetes specialists and others.

Key topics:

  • The recent Cardiovascular Outcome Trials – an overview
  • Beta Cell update
  • What is next after Metformin? Understanding the guidelines
  • Precision Medicine in Diabetes
  • Fatty liver in Diabetes: What do we know?
  • Diabetes and the Gut: The World of Microbiome
  • Fad diets: What is your advice?

Find out more.

Healthcare Investment Forum

For private equity funds, venture capitalists, investment banks and others.

Key topics:

  • Investment in health technology
  • The landscape of healthcare investment in the Middle East
  • VC strategy
  • Cross border investment
  • Healthcare investment – real estate

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Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Conference

For physiatrists, physical medicine & rehabilitation physicians, sports medicine specialists, physiotherapists and others.

Key topics:

  • Brain injury care
  • Concussions management and treatment
  • Integrating psychological and physical therapy
  • Role of technology in general rehabilitation
  • Design Principles and the use of advanced technology in prosthetics
  • Managing complex shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries:  What do we do when surgery does not work?
  • eSports Medicine
  • Minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures in sports

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11th Quality Management Conference

For quality heads/managers, quality assurance, risk and project managers, patient safety officers and others.

Key topics:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Learning, development and data for quality and safety
  • E-health and innovation
  • ‘The Quality Culture’: Regional & International adoption
  • Principles of a high-reliability organisation (HRO) in healthcare
  • Design for quality
  • Prioritising the health of the Healthcare Provider
  • Quality in Primary, Community, and Integrated Care
  • Ensuring excellence in external evaluations
  • Patient safety

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Published on : Thu, 16 Jan 2020

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