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Executive Health Management

Robotics death ‘one-off’?

2018 22 Nov

Robotic assisted surgery is fast becoming a preferred mode of surgery in many hospitals across the globe. Yet, is robotic assisted surgery all it’s cracked up to be? We examine the da Vinci Surgical System to find out. With the da Vinci Surgical System, a cutting edge robot manufactured by the American company Intuitive Surgical and featuring a magnified... Read more

IMAGING Management

#RSNA18: Mammography screening women over 75? Yes!

2018 20 Nov

Women aged 75 and older should continue to perform mammography screening as a high occurrence of breast cancer was found among this older age group in a new study that will be presented next week at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). There has been controversy in recent years on what the cut-off age should be... Read more

Health Management

5G opens the future of telesurgery

2018 21 Aug

A pilot project will use 5G cellular technology to enable remote assistance for surgical procedures in real time. Technology that enables telepresence has facilitated complex surgical procedures to be carried out in regions that lack expert surgeons, such as in small hospitals, developing countries, and also for militaries in combat. At... Read more

ICU Management

Euroanaesthesia 2019

2019 01 Jun

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Fast-track surgery: a multidisciplinary collaboration

2017 15 Sep

Prof. Henrik Kehlet reflects on the progress of fast-track surgery and the need for multidisciplinary teamwork in optimising perioperative care.   You are the “father” of fast-track surgery. What motivated you to develop this concept?   It all started when I was a young surgeon and had to perform some major operations. The technical aspects... Read more

ICU Management

The patient voice in Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: an Edinburgh perspective

2017 15 Sep

This article will explore the ERAS Programme and provide a unique insight into perspectives and realities of surgical recovery. It will highlight the current evidence versus patients’ perceptions and expectations.   Background   The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) programme has been implemented in many surgical units around the world... Read more

Cardiology Management

2nd Excellence in Cardiac Care Congress

2017 10 Nov

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ICU Management

7 Variables Predict ICU Readmission: New Tool

2016 20 Oct

A simple and easy to use nomogram can predict the likelihood of readmission to surgical intensive care using just 7 common variables already collected for critical care patients, according to research presented at the 2016 Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons. Luke A. Martin, MD, a general surgery research resident and the study’s... Read more