HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 6, 2018

New EAHM President supports exchange and innovation

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Looking towards a pan-European vision.

The new President of the European Association of Healthcare Managers (EAHM) says healthcare needs radically new thinking for necessary solutions to new challenges.

Director of the Hospital Centre of Troyes in France, Blua was elected the new head at the 48th EAHM Ordinary General Assembly held at the congress. caught up with Blua to find out what his priorities are for healthcare managers across Europe.

What are your objectives as the new President of the European Association of Healthcare Managers (EAHM)?

The objective is to increase exchange among the hospital managers of Europe because the professional landscape has changed and continues to change rapidly. We have a higher proportion of elderly, there is new information and communication technology and there are serious financial pressures. We have to work together to find a solid solution for the future because everywhere in Europe is facing the same issues.

Do you think there’s a need for more healthcare leadership C-suite training?

Yes, I do. For instance, I think it would be valuable and interesting to create an MBA for hospital mangers. We could build a new vision of the future of hospitals together with a European point of view. In terms of training, we are at a place where we need to try new approaches and, afterwards, to select and develop what works and discard what doesn’t. We are at a moment of great change. The present-day world climate of technological innovation and swift change can be compared to that of the 15th century Renaissance era.

What is first on your agenda?

One of the first tasks I will take on is to meet with all the national associations across Europe to update on all the challenges facing hospital leaders. You have to keep ahead of the game to move with the times so getting feedback from and brainstorming with these associations is the first step. It’s simple; we have to find new solutions because the old ones don’t work anymore.

More than 1000 delegates from 35 countries attended the EAHM Congress. People-centred care, integration of care, innovative provision models, population health and sustainability dominated the agenda. Next year’s congress is being held in Ghent, Belgium, September 12–14.

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EAHM, EAHM President, Pan-European Vision The new president of the European Association of Healthcare Managers (EAHM) says healthcare needs radically new thinking for necessary solutions to new challenges.

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