HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 4, 2019

Monitor Me!

Monitor Me!

mHealth has gained considerable momentum in recent years, but, contrary to common perception, mHealth is not limited to mobile health. It has a broad application across healthcare, including the use of biosensors, wearable personal technology, precision medicine, personalised care, patient engagement, and patient empowerment. We could say mHealth is the dream example of how technology and innovation intersect with healthcare, and it has the potential to revolutionise how we diagnose, treat, and manage patients.


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The key, however, lies in realising its full potential. There is a great deal of talk about the opportunities that mHealth offers, but very little discussion on its limitations and how to effectively integrate it in healthcare. There are thousands of health applications out there, and most smartphone users have at least one mHealth app installed. But there is more to mHealth. There are nearly 300 million people in the US and the European Union with at least one chronic disease. Each could significantly benefit from wireless home monitoring and integrated medical devices - just one example of what mHealth has the potential achieve.


But how close are we to realising this potential? In Monitor Me, our contributors explore how we can make healthcare data work for both provider and patient and how we can better utilise mHealth tools to change the way cardiology is practiced. We also examine how mHealth could work in parallel with healthcare consumerism for a better patient experience plus how we can improve patient compliance through mHealth.


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Our focus on mHealth makes a fitting backdrop to the theme of the 28th congress of the European Association for Hospital Managers (EAHM) in Ghent, Belgium from September 11th to 14th. The congress will bring the latest developments in Big Data and digital health, finance and health economics, architecture, and governance and ethics into focus. In our Spotlight section, we feature Danny Havenith, Congress Chairman who talks about the unique experience that the Congress will offer. We also feature Arthur Feldman, Professor of Medicine at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine who talks about the future of cardiovascular disease treatment and management.


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In our Management section, experts weigh in on educating physicians to be leaders, addressing the skills and strategy gaps in HIT, nursing and cutting edge technology, and the benefits of branding your hospital. In our Winning Practices section, we explore the future of nuclear cardiology, effective cardiovascular prevention strategies, the use of inotropic agents for heart failure and recognising gender and treatment differences in cardiovascular disease. We also look at Eurosafe’s journey to strengthen medical radiation protection and highlight the #pinksocks movement which helps people connect by sharing stories. Our patient perspective includes an individual’s take on dealing with cancer; and the importance of reducing medical errors.


We hope this journal will provide you valuable information. As always, we welcome your news and views.


Happy Reading!


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