HealthManagement, Volume 19 - Issue 6, 2019

Is the healthcare bottom line en route to hitting rock bottom? Is the system bankrupt? Does the system still waste too much cash? Where is the real bottom line? Rising overheads, high staffing, supply and technology costs challenge current operating models. Are they outdated or are they becoming unsustainable? What could save the day? Adaptivity? Imagination? Innovation? Proactivity? Flexibility? Or all of them together?

In this issue, we look at some of the key factors influencing how healthcare can take control on both macro and micro levels to steer the course towards sustainability. With proponents of value-based healthcare, Robert Kaplan and Michael Porter, we focus on the steady drive towards value over volume. We also examine the benefits of Public-Private Partnerships, the making of imaging practices more cost-effective, revenue-cycle management, and the significant role data can play in improving clinical and financial outcomes.

The end of the year is the time when radiology holds the stage as the exciting and illustrious RSNA takes place in Chicago. In recognition of this year’s 105th assembly, we have a special focus on imaging with an interview with Fiona Gilbert, RSNA 2019 honorary membership recipient. Additionally, we shine the spotlight on the impact AI is having across radiology and how its power can be harnessed for the good of practitioners and patients. We evaluate the impact of artificial intelligence and Big Data in cardiology, and discuss how gender bias could be tackled.

As always, we have offered a smorgasbord of insights from management experts including a look at leading trends for 2020, the development of a winning team and the impact of body language.

Elsewhere, we look at innovation in training both healthcare practitioners and patients for a healthcare landscape that is fast becoming de-siloised, and a leading network that is leveraging digitalisation with great success.

We trust you will find valuable reading in our final journal of 2019 to fire you up with enthusiasm for the new decade that’s just around the corner.

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