On Thursday April 18, The Value-Based Health Care Prize was awarded to Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D®). Besides the prize, four excellence awards and the inspirational award were awarded to five inspiring initiatives.

This year, a total of thirteen initiatives were nominated by the international expert jury to compete for the VBHC Prize 2019. Due to the high quality of all the initiatives, it was challenging for the jury to select the winners. However, after this difficult jury process, the five winners were chosen!

Each year the quality of all the applications grows tremendously. During the VBHC Prize Event, prominent VBHC experts like Prof. Elizabeth Teisberg, PhD and Dr. Belén Fraile (Dana Farber Cancer Institute), shared their vision and knowledge about VBHC. Eventually, Prof. Michael Porter announced GLA:D as the winner of the VBHC Prize 2019. GLA:D has won the VBHC Prize 2019 because they succeeded in the increase of patient value in a unique way. Patients with osteoarthritis are responsible for their own disease. Scientific research about osteoarthritis is put into practice by GLA:D. They tackle the disease with preventive care in state of operations and drugs. The principles of GLA:D are already applied internationally in countries like Australia, China and Switzerland. On top of that, GLA:D is scaling up to new medical conditions like backpain.


Besides the VBHC Prize, four excellence awards were awarded to initiatives who created superior value in a specific area:

Value Based HIV Care – Patient Outcome Award: the OLVG already has eleven years of experience in VBHC for HIV patients. This results in the improvement of care and a reduction of costs, despite a yearly growing number of patients. The jury recognized the virtual IPU, which engages multiple stakeholders, especially the patients. Besides that, the OLVG created a very nice eHealth tool “Happi”, together with the patients, which will be introduced internationally soon.

A Holistic, Scalable, Value-Based Care Pathway for Lung Cancer Patients – Cost-Effectiveness Award: Awell and AZ delta succeeded in the use of an excellent VBHC based software system, which enhances the implementation of VBHC and supports teamwork. This is the missing link in VBHC based software. The jury indicated a huge learning drive for the clinical team and improvement in outcomes during the care for patients. On top of that, the jury applauded the total implication of patients during the illness process.

HartWacht – Collaboration Award: The worldwide network IPU HartWacht, from the Cardiology Centre Netherlands, Zilveren Kruis and Luscii, enables patients to measure their vital functions from anywhere in the world, at all times. Based on these measurements, remote interventions can be performed.  The jury acknowledged the holistic perspective and management of all stakeholders in a challenging, large and expensive medical condition. In addition to this, HartWacht is easily scalable to other medical conditions and other parts of the world.


Dental Health Services Victoria’s Value Based Oral Health Care Model – Primary Care Award:The first organisation in the world who applied VBHC in dental health. Physicians take charge in a budget driven healthcare system. The jury enjoyed this unique application, which provides an example that many others can use in and beyond dentistry. It provides powerful support to overall health, according to the judges.

The inspirational award recognizes the most inspiring VBHC initiatives in the world. This year, the inspirational award was awarded to Dr. Belén Fraile, MSc. of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She is the vice president of population health management and value. The Dana Farber Cancer Institute has won this prize because they create an enormous impact in care for cancer patients. They deliver innovative care by doing groundbreaking research. Dana Farber is an inspiring example in building collaborations and in this way creates new opportunities.

Each year, the Value-Based Health Care Prize is awarded to an initiative that creates superior patient value in a unique way. Next year, the VBHC Prize Event will take place on the 14th of May 2020. Applications for the Prize 2020 will be open as of September 1st, 2019. For more information, take a look on the website and subscribe to the newsletter: http://vbhcprize.com/

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lung cancer, VBHC, Value-Based Health Care Prize, VBHC Prize, The winner of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2019 is GLA:D!, HartWacht – Collaboration Award:, Lung Cancer Patients, VBHC Prize 2019, Value-Based Health Care Prize 2019, GLA:D On Thursday April 18, The Value-Based Health Care Prize was awarded to Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D®). Besides the prize, four excellence awards and the inspirational award were awarded to five inspiring initiatives.