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VBHC in Netherlands: Success Factors

2021 19 Mar

A team of researchers from the Netherlands expand on their previous findings on issues accompanying the VBHC implementation, looking deeper into the success factors that help bring the VBHC concept to practice. Key Points Reported success factors for VBHC implementation are: ‘Value’ for the patient as the core purpose of care A... Read more

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Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize 2021

2021 19 May

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Building a Blueprint to Implement VBHC at Operational Level

2020 12 Nov

Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is one the largest hospitals in Spain and one of the most prominent examples of a value-based healthcare institution in Europe. An expert behind the hospital’s VBHC transformation shares the ongoing experience of assessing and redesigning the care cycle based on the VBHC model and outlines the main challenges and... Read more

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Digital Transformation for More Effective Healthcare: Inspiring VBHC Initiatives

2019 13 Nov

Summary: By combining digital transformation with the core VBHC initiatives, we can provide effective, patient-centred care for the future. The way the healthcare sector is currently organised is not financially sustainable. To provide qualitative, patient-centred and effective care in the future, a different mindset on valuing health outcomes... Read more

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How to Change Fertility Care with Value-Based Healthcare

2019 02 Oct

Summary: The VBHC Green Belt Blended Learning programme gives medical specialists the tools to maximise patient value and deliver effective care. Dr. Max Curfs has been working as a clinical embryologist at the Isala Fertility Centre since 1995. He holds a PhD in Natural Sciences and before working at Isala he researched the embryology... Read more

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Advancing Health Through Science and Technology Innovation

2019 02 Oct

Over the past century, thanks in large part to advances in science, technology and medicine, the average human life expectancy has more than doubled. The pharmaceutical industry has played an important role in these advances by translating basic scientific insights into tangible solutions, and thus has delivered significant value to society in the... Read more

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Value-Based Health Care (VBHC) Prize 2020

2020 05 Nov

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The winner of the Value-Based Health Care Prize 2019 is GLA:D!

2019 03 Jun

On Thursday April 18, The Value-Based Health Care Prize was awarded to  Good Life with Osteoarthritis in Denmark (GLA:D®) . Besides the prize, four excellence awards and the inspirational award were awarded to five inspiring initiatives.   This year, a total of thirteen initiatives were nominated by the international expert jury to compete for... Read more

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A Passion for Value-Based Innovations in Medicine

2019 25 Mar

Medical Board discusses key trends to play a role in XPOMET Medicinale International leaders in medicine aim at analyzing, evaluating, and incorporating the major developments in the field into the ecosystem of XPOMET Medicinale . These leaders forming the Medical Board met on 20 March to discuss the trending topics and how to approach them... Read more