HealthManagement, Volume 18 - Issue 1, 2018



More comfort and increased confidence from 3Dimensions

Following robust research from Hologic regarding its newly launched 3Dimensions™ mammography system, I was thrilled that our radiology department at Fatebenefratelli and Ophthalmic Hospital in Milan had the opportunity to implement the new system, and what a positive response we got from both our technologists and our patients.

The new tomosynthesis system, which was launched in early September this year, has already gained notable attention across the industry, having been installed in several sites in Europe. Given the improvements observed from its application in our radiology department, I foresee that it will continue to provide incredible benefits into the future.

With the new technology, Hologic aimed to respond to findings from its robust research that revealed that clinicians across Europe continue to emphasise the importance of accuracy, clarity, dose and workflow when it comes  to breast imaging devices. I have found that it has responded to these concerns in a number of ways, as I shall detail here.

Improved efficiency and workflow
My technologists did not have anything negative to say about the machine, contrary to what is common in situations where a new system is introduced. The machine has allowed us to perform each mammography much more quickly, and this has improved our efficiency. In fact, the biggest improvement to my workflow was that all of the technologists in our department wanted to work with the new Hologic machine, enabling improved overall work efficiency.

User friendly and dependable
There are a few elements about the 3Dimensions™ mammography system which have contributed positively to our radiography department, and some key aspects here are simplicity of use and confidence in the technology.

I like the intelligent 2D™ imaging, as I was not confident with the older software. With time, I have felt more comfortable using this option because I am able to perform well, given that it is more dependable and user friendly. We always fear that we cannot see something with a reconstructed image, however using Intelligent 2D™ gives us the confidence in knowing that the machine has produced a natural image. In the case of intelligent 2D™, the image is sharp, clear, with a closer resemblance to the natural 2D view, giving a better quality and credible image.

Less compression and more confidence
In tomosynthesis, the importance of compression is reduced. Previously when the standard 2D image was used, the gland had to be compressed in order for the radiologist to understand whether the mass was glandular or if it was something else. However, using tomosynthesis allows the division of the different layers of the breast, so the process presents less pain for the patient. As the number of patients that become comfortable with the examination increases, a growing number will become confident in the product and the type of system they are trusting in. Given my department’s positive impressions of the 3Dimensions™ mammography system, I plan to use the machine to perform interventional biopsies in the upcoming future. This new technique will deliver faster and more accurate results.

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