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2013 06 Mar

Hologic will display an extensive suite of healthcare solutions for breast cancer screening and diagnosis, breast biopsy, osteoporosis risk assessment, medical MRI coils, and extremity imaging at ECR.   David Harding, Hologic's Senior Vice President and General Manager, International says, "Of particular interest this year are advances in our breast...Read more

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2013 21 Mar

Breast tomosynthesis has created a lot of interest within the women’s imaging community. While the clinical benefits are becoming more apparent, the reimbursements in the U.S. are inconsistent, and it is expensive to adopt this technology. Providers want to know: Is it worth the investment? Is a positive return on investment (ROI) possible? Hologic...Read more

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2013 22 Apr

Hologic has announced that a new study published online by European Radiology supports the use of breast tomosynthesis in combination with 2-dimensional (2D) imaging in breast cancer screening programmes using independent double reading with arbitration. The study, " Prospective Trial Comparing Full-field Digital Mammography (FFDM) versus Combined...Read more

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2013 09 May

Hologic has announced the publication of the final results of a large-scale prospective study comparing breast cancer screening using Hologic's 2D mammography plus tomosynthesis (Breast Tomosynthesis) with conventional 2D mammography published online in advance of print by The Lancet Oncology. The study, "Integration of 3D digital mammography with...Read more

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2013 24 May

Hologic has announced US Food and Drug Administration approval of its new C-View 2D imaging software. C-View 2D images may now be used in place of the conventional 2D exposure previously required as part of a Hologic 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) screening exam. C-View images are generated from the 3D tomosynthesis data acquired during...Read more

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2013 24 May

Hologic has announced that the first large-scale observational study in a U.S. clinical practice comparing breast cancer screening with Hologic's 3D mammography technology (breast tomosynthesis) with conventional 2D mammography alone showed a significant reduction in recall rates and a sizeable increase in cancer detection, particularly invasive cancer,...Read more

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2013 30 Jul

Digital tomosynthesis is effective in reducing the recall rate in breast cancer screening, according to a new study published online in the journal Radiology.  Tomosynthesis is similar to mammography in that it relies on ionising radiation to generate images of the breast. However, unlike conventional mammography, tomosynthesis allows for three-dimensional...Read more

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2013 02 Aug

GE Healthcare has announced CE marking for SenoClaire, GE’s new generation of breast tomosynthesis solution designed with a three-dimensional imaging technology. SenoClaire technology uses a low-dose short X-ray sweep around the positioned breast with nine exposures acquired with a “step-and-shoot” method, removing the potential motion from images....Read more

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2013 17 Sep

Growing number of peer-reviewed clinical publications document significant advantages of  H ologic® tomosynthesis; Now, Hologic has further advanced tomosynthesis with faster and  lower-dose options including the C-View™ software option for 2D imaging and the Affirm™  tomosynthesis biopsy procedure. Tomosynthesis is going from strength...Read more

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2013 03 Dec

With increasing emphasis at RSNA around women's imaging, KLAS investigates how that imaging landscape is changing As breast-density regulations become ever more prevalent, healthcare providers are increasingly turning to ultrasound and tomosynthesis technology. The latest KLAS brief entitled 3 Things You Need to Know About Breast Imaging, finds...Read more

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2013 03 Dec

Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) led to reduced recall rates and increased cancer detection in a large breast cancer screening programme, according to a study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). While digital mammography is the gold standard for breast cancer screening, it may result in suspicious...Read more

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2014 20 Jan

Barco, a worldwide leader in enterprise visualisation, has teamed up with Mammography Education Inc. to supply its latest mammography display systems and dedicated support for hands-on mammography CME courses designed to teach radiologists how to detect early-phase breast cancers.  Barco is a long-time sponsor of these workshops conducted by...Read more

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2014 28 Jan

With an emphasis on improving lives, Hologic is focused on bringing the latest in diagnostic innovations to the fast growing Gulf region Hologic, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of women, will feature...Read more

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2014 12 Feb

Research supports the use of Hologic's lower dose 3D mammography technology and the continued use of two-views over one in breast cancer screening Hologic, Inc., a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostic products, medical imaging systems and surgical products, with an emphasis on serving the healthcare needs of women,...Read more

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2014 20 Feb

Barco, a global leader in healthcare visualisation and IT systems, will demonstrate its turnkey patient engagement and clinical collaboration solution, CareConnex, representing the optimum platform for bedside interactive patient care.  Available in a variety of integrated hardware/software options, CareConnex is uniquely interoperable with...Read more

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2014 17 Apr

Carestream’s Vue PACS workstation enhances productivity by allowing users to read digital breast modalities and general radiology exams from a single desktop Carestream will be a panel participant in a session on “Problems and Solutions in Breast Tomosynthesis” to be held during the 2014 meeting of SIIM (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine). ...Read more

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2014 16 May

Integration with InteleViewer provides an alternative to deploying dedicated breast imaging workstations Intelerad Medical Systems, a leader in medical imaging PACS, RIS and workflow solutions, has announced the launch of their Tomosynthesis Module. Integrated directly into Intelerad’s InteleViewer, the module eliminates the need for dedicated...Read more

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2014 28 Oct

A new study has found that adding tomosynthesis to biennial digital mammography screening for women with dense breasts may improve breast cancer detection at a reasonable cost relative to biennial mammography screening alone. The incremental cost per quality-adjusted life year (QALY) gained by adding tomosynthesis to mammography screening was $53,893,...Read more

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2014 21 Nov

Incorporating Volumetric Breast Density and Imaging Performance Analytics in Quality Assurance Studies Volpara Solutions is proud to announce that the Cancer Registry of Norway will expand the study of Volpara’s innovative suite of quantitative breast imaging software tools to now include seven of the 16 screening sites in the Norwegian Breast Cancer...Read more

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2015 26 Jan

Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI), a new breast imaging technique pioneered at Mayo Clinic, nearly quadruples detection rates of invasive breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue. Results of a major study show that MBI increased the detection rate of invasive breast cancers by more than 360 percent when used in addition to regular screening mammography....Read more

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2015 26 Feb

The amount of clinical proof for the efficacy of Tomosynthesis in screening is significantly larger than the proof available in the early days of the transition from analog mammography to FFDM.  Results from studies in Europe using Tomosynthesis in population based screening and results from screening with Tomosynthesis in the USA are concordant...Read more

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2015 25 Feb

In trend with the evolving technology, at ECR 2015 Philips Healthcare will give you an insight into the latest upgrades in the field of radiology. All delegates are welcome to attend. Seats are limited on a first-come, first-served basis. Please arrive early to ensure your seat.  Saturday, March 7th  12:30 - 13.30  Room N/O Early Detection...Read more

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2015 05 May

VuCOMP, Inc., leading developer of advanced computer vision systems for the detection of breast cancer, announced today that it has sold its M-Vu Breast Density software to iCAD, Inc. The purchase and sale agreement includes the transfer of the breast density technology and associated service contracts, but does not include the computer-aided detection...Read more

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2015 25 Jun

VuCOMP, Inc., leading developer of advanced computer vision systems for the detection of breast cancer, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the development of structured reporting (SR) for CAD marks for digital breast tomosynthesis images. With this feature, VuCOMP has added the tomosynthesis slice information into the SR so that workstations...Read more

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2015 05 Aug

VuCOMP, Inc., leading developer of advanced computer vision systems for the detection of breast cancer, has announced that it will be showcasing its portfolio of cutting-edge imaging products at the 20th Annual Mammography in Santa Fe: Music, Mammograms, and Mountains, August 3- 7, 2015 . The meeting attracts breast imaging professionals from around...Read more

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2015 29 Sep

Mammography providers say Hologic stands out for technology innovation, high image quality, and C-View™ dose-reduction technology Hologic, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOLX) announced that U.S. mammography providers gave Hologic and Hologic's Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exams top scores in a new study by KLAS Research, Women's Imaging 2015. Are New Technologies Delivering...Read more

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2015 30 Dec

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2016 05 Jan

As the debate continues over optimal mammographic screening ages and intervals, technology is moving apace. Tomosynthesis is being rapidly adopted by healthcare providers, who either upgrade existing 2D units or purchase new 3D units. The market is also becoming more consumer-driven due to increased patient awareness of breast density and breast cancer...Read more

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2016 05 Jan

Whilst mammography remains the most consistent modality for breast cancer detection, it is neither foolproof nor perfect. Additional modalities are required to supplement mammography in order to further increase accurate detection of breast abnormalities. Targeted breast ultrasound and MRI are modalities that are used currently as an adjunct to mammography,...Read more